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I am not a doctor or a trainer!  I am only sharing with you, yoga videos that I found on the internet.  Most will be from YouTube, where you can do your own search, to find activities that best suit your needs and levels.  Exercise is not a one size fits all, but I will try my best to include something for everyone.

PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR before starting any kind of exercise.

In the reading, I have done on yoga, and it’s benefits for boomers, I’ve basically found that yoga has the same benefits as it would our children or grandchildren, if they too, were to do yoga.

Some say that yoga fit’s into the busiest of one’s schedule.  It is recommended for those who have retired and may become sedentary, to bring some kind of exercise into your life.  I’ll be skipping the history of Yoga, but I will include a couple of links at the bottom for those that may be interested.

So let’s explore Yoga.  I hear it has become rather popular for those in our age groups.  (smiles)

The Benefits for Us Boomers

As I delved into this topic, I came up with a lot of benefits, that benefited everyone.  But I wanted to give specific benefits for those of us, 50 and Beyond.  The fact that the poses are done slowly, and you move without straining, benefit number one– fewer chances of injury.

Yoga may:

  • create calmnessyoga, yoga mats, yoga clothing, yoga blocks, yoga videos
  • exercise all muscles (even those you haven’t used in a while)
  • heart health
  • help lubricate joints
  • help with anxiety
  • help with concentration
  • help with digestion
  • help with hypertension
  • help with managing  Type 2 diabetes  (also has a yoga video on this site)
  • help with sleep
  • improve balance
  • improve flexibility
  • improve mobility
  • improve respiratory function
  • increase blood circulation
  • reduce arthritic pain
  • reduce blood pressure
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce stress
  • relieve chronic joint pain
  • sharpen one’s mind
  • shed some weight
  • strengthen bones

I am by no means, know anything about yoga. I am learning right along with you.  What is listed above are benefits I found from all over the internet.


First Things First

yoga, yoga mats, yoga clothing, yoga blocks, yoga videosI hate to sound like a broken record, but before starting yoga, please get the OK from your doctor.  As with any activity, you want to make sure it won’t harm you or aggravate any health condition you may have.  I am not a doctor nor a yoga instructor. I plan on learning, right along with you.  Now with this being said, let us move on.

To begin with, I would just find clothes that you probably already own. A shirt, not too tight, but one that wouldn’t ride up or slide down when you bend forward. I would go along with the same for your shorts or pants. I would feel safe to say, nothing that is tight-fitting, nor real loose fitting. And no shoes! I love being barefoot, so I’m excited about that! LOL  And a yoga mat, I got mine here.

Also, recommended, to help you when reaching, are straps and blocks, but that is totally up to you.

As I mentioned above I know nothing about yoga, so instead of putting up tons of different videos, I’m going with only a a few, that starts us out as total newbies.  As well as some chair yoga.  As we progress I’ll either add those videos here, or more likely add another article.


Chair Yoga


If I wind up liking yoga, and I really want to, I mean the benefits alone–c’mon.  Anyway, I am considering joining this program.  It’s live classes that you can follow, online, from anywhere in the world.

yoga, yoga mats, yoga clothing, yoga blocks, yoga videos

Here are those links about the history of Yoga, I mentioned above:

A Beginner’s Guide to the History of Yoga

A Brief History Of Yoga: From Ancient Hindu Scriptures To The Modern, Westernized Practice

Let Me Know

Let me know how you are doing if you’re enjoying Yoga.  Are you advancing?  What benefits have you received?  Have you found a good site or a great video?  Let us know in the comments below.

I am not a doctor or a trainer! I am only sharing with you, yoga videos that I found on the internet. Most will be from YouTube, where you can do your own search, to find activities that best suit your needs and levels. Exercise is not a one size fits all, but I will try my best to include something for everyone.

PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR before starting any kind of exercise.

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More pages will be added soon, so keep checking back!

8 thoughts on “Yoga”

  1. I’m not a fan of Yoga, but I believe in it because I’ve seen several people who do yoga and it’s helping them not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It’s a way to calm the body and soul and in the same way, keeping the body fit and well exercised. I feel yoga is the best way to clear up the mind off stress. 

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I begin tomorrow.  the benefits will be worth it!  You should try it, lol, just kidding.

      Thanks for stopping by, and the best to you,


  2. Hi – thank you for sharing this useful article. I have not tried yoga before, as I assumed it might aggravate my arthritis. However, I am pleasantly surprised to see that it can reduce inflammation, and not only that, can improve mobility as well. I think I would like to start with chair yoga, and the videos are easy to follow. Obviously, I will check with my doctor first. All the best, Diane

    • Hi Diane,

      I too was surprised about the inflammation as well as relieving chronic joint paint.  I’ll take what I can get.  For it’s been a year since I’ve taken any opioids, CBD oil usually helps.  But not when it’s really bad with the cold winter weather.

      Good idea to check with your doctor.  My rheumatologist told me it would do me good, especially with my balance and range of motion.  Let me know if you try it, and how you benefitted from it.

      The very best to you!

  3. I am above 50 years. I know yoga and I would like to tell you some tips. All yoga exercise should not be done by everyone.

    Those who are having back pain, neck pain, Blood pressure, heart diseases should take consent from a doctor. No individual should see videos and learn by themselves. You have to take training from yoga experts and Gurus. The health benefits and energy are enormous. By practicing yoga and meditation one will start loving self. He or she should be able to self feel all the organs from head to toe including internal organs. To start with simple Pranayam is best which itself a great yoga. Second I would recommend Sun Salutation which itself have 7 yoga practices in it. If I keep on writing I will be writing a book.

    Anyways, I appreciate your motive although you are not aware of yoga. Still, It is not too late. you can learn. When you start learning you will start enjoying. but you should not miss doing. 

    Thanks for a great article

    • If you read my article I stated I was not a doctor nor am I a yoga instructor.  And I did state for readers to get the OK from their doctors before starting any exercise.  

      I appreciate your insight.  Do you do Yoga yourself??

      Thanks for stopping by,

        • That is great. I want to learn the basic yoga, for I want those benefits. And if I can share my experiences or like you, have readers share theirs, I think that will be awesome!

          And thank you as well.


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