What Do You Do For Halloween??

What do you do for Halloween?? Besides the usual Halloween parties, with family, friends, or co-workers. Passing out candy, or taking the grandchildren out for trick or treating.

Or like my husband and I, after the kids were too old to trick or treat, we passed out candy to the neighborhood kids. As significant housing additions were built, we saw fewer kids stopping by, so we stopped handing out candy altogether.

What do you do for Halloween?  Share with us in the comments below!


I know many adults that really get into decorating their house/apartment and yard/balcony/windows for Halloween. Our youngest daughter loves this time of year. One of the reasons is decorating for Halloween.

When the kids were little, and we’d go around trick or treating, I remember seeing some pretty elaborate Halloween decorating. It’s fun to get creative and go all out for Halloween decorating.

Once the girls got a little older and didn’t need mom and dad tagging along, I would dress up in a long cape and gown, then put on a long wig; I would find creepy music on the computer. We were ready to pass out candy.

So Many Ideas

parties, costumes, candy, trick or treat, ideas, alternative ideasAt first, I was planning on creating a list, until I got on Google and seen just how many ideas are out there. So instead of listing them individually, I’ve decided to collaborate on a list of Halloween decorating ideas sites. Many of these links cover more than just decorating. Other ideas I’ve seen are pumpkin carving ideas, costumes, spooky treats and eats for parties, etc.

Backyard Boss — 130 outdoor Halloween decorations to inspire a haunting good time

Country Living — so many decorating ideas, with links to even more decorating!! A must see!

Dash of Sanity — Best 50 DIY Halloween Decorations

DECOR — Halloween decorating ideas

delish — Scary good Halloween

DIY Network — Budget-friendly Halloween Decorations

Good Housekeeping — Costumes, food & decor

HomeBNC — Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

House Beautiful — Stylish Halloween ideas

How Does She — Scare your pants off Halloween decorating ideas

Martha Stewart — Halloween Decorations

Pinterest— awesome pictures of Halloween decorating ideas

PopSugar — Easy DIY Halloween decorating ideas

Redbook — Halloween recipes, costumes, and decor

Spaceships and Laser Beams — Hauntingly awesome door decorating ideas

ShutterFly — 50 Unique Halloween decorating idea

Town & Country — Halloween ideas for everything

Women’s Day — Halloween ideas

These should be enough to get you started. I tried sticking with just ideas. These ideas cover a wide range, though. Not only decorating, but I decided to include them anyway.

If you’re not into the whole decorating ideas, that is fine. You can pass these links and ideas along to your adult kids, grandchildren, neighbors, or co-workers.

Not Into the Whole Halloween Thing??

If you’re not into all the Halloween decorating, cooking, and/or other things, that is fine. Hubby and I aren’t either. I guess it’s just not the same without the kids. We’ve never been to a Halloween party. We’re 57 years old, and we’ve never been to an adult Halloween party. I, personally, don’t feel I’ve missed out on much. LOL

Often, times hubby and I will turn off the porch light, and sometimes we’ll even turn the house lights off. With most of the trick or treaters going to the larger housing communities or, the more upscale parts of town, we don’t usually get bothered.

Other Things You Can Do

So your not doing the whole Halloween thing? Cool! How about some ideas that you and/or your loved one can do instead. Some of these ideas will be more in line with the Halloween theme, and some won’t be.

  1. Binge-watch Bates Motel or American Horror Story
  2. Dinner & a movie
  3. Eat a bunch of candy when your binge-watching – expect a sugar high though, lol.
  4. Go for a hayride — preferably just the 2 of you, or with a group of friends.
  5. Got to the drive-in
  6. Go to bed early – I can see my husband going for this idea.
  7. Have a few drinks. Get tipsy for NOT celebrating Halloween. Not my idea found this idea online!
  8. Have an anti-Halloween get together or party
  9. Make some Rice Krispie treats to snack on while watching those scary movies – I love those Rice Krispie bars!
  10. Order take out
  11. Online shopping – get a head start on your Christmas shopping!
  12. Play cards
  13. Rake leaves — I’m guessing you’d do this during the day, lol.
  14. Read a book
  15. Rent a cabin in the woods — another idea I like!!
  16. Sit by the fire, maybe tell stories — what kind of stories are you into???
  17. Spend the night at a hotel, order in-room service
  18. Take a drive out in the country
  19. Take a mini-vacation. Now I like this one!!
  20. Throw a harvest party
  21. Toga party
  22. Treat yourself to a massage, manicure, pedicure, or the spa!
  23. Watch a scary movie – stay inside and cuddle on the couch.
  24. Wine and painting party – they seem to be popular these days.

Or Do Nothing at All

parties, costumes, candy, trick or treat, ideas, alternative ideasJust because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you have to do anything special. Or anything along the lines of Halloween. The above are only a few suggestions. Personally, there’s a few on that list that the hubby and I might have to try. You know how it is, I might have to do a little persuading. (smile)

When I think of Halloween, I think mainly of kids, costumes, and candy. A lot of adults go to costume parties, but as I stated above, we never really got into those.

I remember helping out at the girls’ elementary school for their Halloween parties. Baking goods and then bringing them to the school.

Those days are long gone. Do I miss them? Most days, I can say not really. Catch me one of my rare days when I might say I do a little.

I think at our age, 50+, Halloween isn’t the same. To some of us, it’s just another day, just like yesterday, and just like tomorrow will be. It’s not written in stone anywhere that we have to do anything.

Just chilling, kicking back and relaxing sounds pretty darned good to me!

Let us know what you plan to do on Halloween. Any traditions? Ideas on what you do instead of Halloween?? Please share them with us down below, in my site comments! As always, I love hearing from you!!

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I spooked myself about getting older. It’s not that bad, really. –Ed Kowalczyk


8 thoughts on “What Do You Do For Halloween??”

  1. Fantastic article. With 3 daughters my wife and I go to my in laws neighborhood to let them trick or treat. After we spend time with the in laws watching Halloween movies and eating snacks and just enjoy each others company. You have some fantastic Ideas for when your kids are grown. Thank you for this great article.

  2. Thank you, Here are some great Ideas. I personally like the Cabin in the Woods lol. Calls for a Spooky time and I am willing. Or even movies and a cuddle. You have a pretty solid list here and a appreciate the time you took putting it together.

    • Hi Brandon,
      Thanks for stopping by! I’ve not seen “Cabin in the Woods” in a while. Maybe that’ll be the feature movie for us! LOL I’m glad you liked the list. And, of course, if you have any ideas I could add, I’d appreciate hearing from you!


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