What Are Your Goals for 2019

Did you set goals for the new year? I wanted to but couldn’t start. Like I didn’t know where to begin. In the type of work I do, it is essential to have goals. Gives me something to work towards, but it was like, I didn’t know where to begin.  I was making it harder than it had to be. But that is what I do. I tend to complicate the simple things in life. I’ve done it my whole adult life. What are your goals for 2019?

Please share yours in the comments below. I’d love to see them And who knows, maybe that’ll help me get my butt in gear.

A Tiny Start

Other than my business goals, I wanted to make some personal goals. I have no set routines in my life. I wake up when I want to. Start studying when I want to. Begin writing when I want to. Eat when I want. Do you get the picture here? I’m a stay at home wife, with some health issues. BUT, I’ve been reading where a morning routine can help you to start your day off on a more positive note. That you tend to be more productive. I’m down with that. So, since I wasn’t doing business goals yet, I worked on my personal goals.What are your personal goals for 2019, work goals, sucess, baby boomers, senior citizens, boomer

I have always been a night owl. I even remained a night owl; the girls were little. Maybe not as bad as say, I am now. But I hated mornings. OMG, I hate mornings. I still hate mornings! Anyway, in the many articles, I’ve read that getting up at 5 am or 6 am, helps people to have a productive day. I’m thinking, no way! There is no reason for me to be up that early. So I started small.

I tried my best to wake up by 10:00 am. When one is home due to a disability, often I would feel like, why should I bother, getting up, I have nothing to get up that I have to do. Yeah, that dang negative side is at it again. I didn’t always get up at 10, and I honestly I can say I didn’t try.

But, you know, many times I would get up at seven something, or eight something, to use the bathroom, and I felt awake. But, except for a couple of times, I’d usually get back into bed, where it was warm. Mojo would come up, give me morning kisses, and go back to sleep himself. Mojo is my dog, in case you are wondering. Later on, those mornings, when I’d get up early to use the bathroom, I’d go back to bed, and get up at ten or after, I felt so tired. And I would often think to myself that I should’ve stayed up earlier when I felt more awake.


What are your personal goals for 2019, work goals, sucess, baby boomers, senior citizens, boomerWith the new year coming around, I started to try getting up at 9;30 am. I wasn’t doing so good at it. I’d say I stay in bed, more times than I got up. Then today, I got up when my first alarm went off at 9:15 am. I got up; I had to use the bathroom. It was danged cold, but I got up, got dressed- nothing fancy, shorts and a t-shirt, BUT I’M UP!! I let Mojo out, got my coffee going, and I crossed my “wake-up @ 9:30 am” off my list.

I was able to piddle around and drink my coffee. I told everyone good morning in the family chat we have on our smartphones. I texted the hubby a bit. I even bathed Mojo. He wasn’t pleased about it, but he does look so much better.

I believe this one goal/habit will be a positive one.  Maybe I’ll let myself sleep in on Saturday, till 10:00 am.  I aim to be able to wake up at 9:00 am.


I do my studies online. Marketing and writing. Now, just because I got up early, I started my studies late. But everything that I did earlier, I wasn’t trying to do while studying.  So I guess that’s a plus, right?? I mean, I can focus on writing this, and not have to answer any texts. Well, my husband keeps texting me, but he also knows I’m studying, so he’ll wait.

One Goal at a Time

Last year I got a small upper partial. And for whatever reason, I do not wear it every day. Usually, unless I go somewhere, or we have people come by the house, I don’t put them in. No one is here during the day. I’m usually alone, so I felt, no big deal. Well, that is my next goal. It starts this coming Monday, the 14th.

In the past, whenever I read something about starting new habits, it was usually said that 21 days, and it becomes a habit. Or more of one than when you started. Last night I followed a link from Pinterest on this very topic, yet it said it took 66 days to get a new habit to become one. Well, that’s a new one on me. I think I’ll stick with the 21 days one.

Again, post your new goals/habits/resolutions below, in the comments. And, I will be updating this article, so I can 1) feel accountable to my readers. Whether I succeed or fail. And 2) so that I can track my progress–which there will be!

PS: I will eventually work on some work goals.  I had one the day before yesterday I smashed it!  😉

Till the next time, have yourself a great day. BTW, Happy New Year!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing. -George Bernard Shaw

12 thoughts on “What Are Your Goals for 2019”

  1. I have read this article in the right time I guess. Just like you it has been hard for me to start off with my goals. This article s just amazing. After reading this article with your story I am really motivated and I believe that I can achieve what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • Oh, you’ve made my night.  If I can only help one person, I have done well.  I’m glad this put the fire under you and may you succeed at the goals you most want!

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your comment,

  2. Old habits die hard. I’m also a night owl and have tried and tried to change my sleeping routine but with no avail. I have been a night owl most of my adult life and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The mornings I like but not waking up to them I like to be already awake. Maybe someday I will change but not this year!

    • Hi Cory,

      I totally relate to you.  Really I do.  Thing is, I have attempted changing my sleeping patterns, and I did see a change.  Especially in my productivity and creativity.  

      And honestly, for the longest time, it was sleeping in that won out, usually.  Then I started doing training online, writing this blog, and well, I could really use a little bit more creativity and productivity right now.  So I figured I’d do it.  Not give it a shot, but do it.  But to each their own too.  And I know I’ll miss it, that’s why I’m allowing one day a week, to let myself sleep in.  So I don’t get to feeling totally deprived.

      And once I become rich, I can go back to being a night owl and sleeping in again.  LOL

      Have a great year, Corey.
      =)  Laura

  3. I must say that this article is very helpful and motivational Laura. It helped me to actually realize that I should start achieving my goals now and not from Monday as many people say. I have 2 big goals to achieve in 2019 and that is to establish my online business and to start going to the gym regularly. None of these will be easy but we must not give up if we want a better life.

    • Hi Daniel,

      You are so right about us always putting it off.  I know I’m one of those next Monday people.  LOL

      I hope that you have mini goals in place, that will help you to obtain those 2 goals for the year!

      The very best to you, and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Goal setting is synonymous with success in our individual lives and also in business, However sticking to your goals and following through requires a lot of discipline and determination This is the part where a lot of people are not able to keep up. my work goal for this year is to build my online business to a stage where I can begin to earn four figure Income on a monthly basis.

    • Hi,

      That is very impressive.  I think most of us want to succeed at any goals we set.

      But I’ve only witten 2 small goals thus far.  And one of those I got to cross off my list, 2 days ago.  

      I believe, that you believe, that your monthly income will be where you want it to be.  All the best to you!

      And thank you for stopping by, Z,

  5. This is a great article.  It sounds like you really enjoy life.  I couldn’t imagine sleeping in.  Really what is sleeping in lol?  My goals for 2019 are pretty much financial but hey there is nothing wrong with that.I want to be able to save enough money to have a big down payment on a cabin by the lake that we can use year round.  All my goals lean into that as a lot of things have to happen right for that to happen.Thank yo9u for asking this question.  It just helped me regain my focus.Dale

    • Hi Dale,

      Stayed focus hun.  Sounds like you have many mini goals, leading to your big goal=your cabin. 

      By reading your statement, you sound genuine about getting that cabin for you and your family.  I’m glad reading my article helped with getting you back on track.  And I feel you will succeed, as long as you never stop trying.

      Thank you for coming by Dale, and the very best for you in the new year!


  6. Hey there! a really great article and very motivational for everyone. You have provided a lot of information regarding the topic. I think setting a goal is really important part of life. Sometimes people over think and make the situation worse so I guess that taking things step by step and being patient can solve many problems.


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