Welcome Baby Boomer!

Again welcome.  I am glad you came upon my website.

My name is Laura, but I go by Chrissie, middle name is Christine.  I am 57, will be 58 next month.  My husband and I have three daughters.  Vanessa, 30, Kelsey 27, and Jessica 26.  The two eldest our out on their own, and the youngest lives at home.

My husband and I are at the tail end of the baby boomer generation.  I wanted to write a blog geared towards us, baby boomers.  I am new at blog writing.  My spelling isn’t the best, so if you find mistakes, be kind.  LOL, I am trying to touch base with issues that mean something to us baby boomers.

I hope to share some of my experi3ences, and I hope that you’ll share yours.  So many things,  like advertising, aren’t always aimed at our generation.  We may have gotten older, but we are a force to be reckoned with.  We have our opinions, and for the most part, are not afraid to let you know.

I am learning certain things about our generation.  Dilemmas that we face.  Health issues, divorce, shopping, travel, dining, etc.  I will try my best to bring you all that id important to us boomers.  And I hope to make you smile.  Help you with specific issues.  Maybe even teach us a few things.

Often we forget there is a person on the other side of the monitor.  There is a person, just like yourself.  With flaws, just like you.  A person with issues, some just like yourself.  We are a great generation that has made our mark on society.  We changed laws and had some laws written.  We made a big difference.  And yes, we also made mistakes.  We also made the wrong choices.

We are humans that lived in a world of turmoils at that time.  Racism, war, drugs, freedom, lifestyle, and we started to speak our minds, and choose to live a different way than previous generations.

We are an educated, hard-working, independent generation.  We are proud to be baby boomers.  If you’re not proud, I hope you will read something in my blog, that’ll change your mind.

I want to help baby boomers.  I want you to return to my blog often.  Become a subscriber to my blog, or join my new email list, for my newsletter.  Once I get enough emails, to begin, it will be monthly.

I am also looking for baby boomer guest writers.  Let me know in the comments below, or you can reach me at LCEndahl@gmail.com.  I’d be delighted to have guest writers.

Please, think of me as your friend.  Let me know what you feel about individual posts.  Or what you’d like to see more posts about.  This is my blog, as well as yours.

Thanks for stopping by, and please bookmark my blog,
=)   Laura aka Chrissie

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