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I have found as I’ve gotten older, what was once something reasonably simple to do/use, has become quite challenging. I still cherish being independent, these particular situations, leave me feeling rather helpless. That is why I am writing this article, useful gadgets & such to help those of us 50 & over.

My Personal Experience

I want to share with you one of those particular times where I felt rather helpless, instead of independent. And at times, it also leaves me feeling quite frustrated and/or angry. And, I even cried in this case. Just last week I had an upset stomach. My husband had bought a bottle of Pepto, which he put in the fridge the day before. I went to take some for my tummy the next day.

It had not been opened yet. It was a brand new bottle, with the plastic still on. I sighed as I took it out of the fridge and tried to open it. I can be stubborn when it comes to these situations. I struggled to open it without any success. I become a little peeved and continued trying to open it once again. I banged the lid part on the counter—but it was still not opening for me. I began to become a bit frustrated and a tad bit helpless too. So I ran the lid under hot water and used a wet dishcloth to try and open it. Again, without any success. I began to feel the tears in my eyes. And my tummy still felt nauseous.

I dried off my hands as I tried once again, looking at the diagram on the lid on how to open this dang bottle of Pepto, but it’s just not wanting to cooperate with me. I cursed my arthritis in my hands, and I begin thinking of other ways I can get to that pink liquid. I could poke a hole in the bottom of it, and pour its contents into another container. But I can’t find the kind of container I wanted to put it in. Besides, who am I kidding? I wouldn’t be able to poke a hole in that plastic bottle, any more than I could open it. Feeling defeated, frustrated, and helpless, I gave up and decided to wait until my husband came home. I accepted that I’d have to deal with feeling sick to my stomach till then.

Many Reasons

There are many reasons as to why we can no longer do the simple things we use to do. And I refuse to say it’s because we are too old. I hate using that as an excuse.

Many of us just no longer have the strength we once had. And for some, it is as simple as exercising our hands.  And for many others, this is not an option.

For others, it may be health reasons such as arthritis. Possibly an accident you were in a few years ago. Low vision. Stroke.

Whatever the reason is, we don’t like feeling dependent on others. I once had a younger friend loosen all the caps on my bottles of water for me. Boy, did that make me feel old?  Us baby boomers like being independent, enjoy being independent.  Even take pride in our independence. And we want to remain independent for as long as we can.

I would love to share with you some gadgets & such, that will ensure we keep our independence and avoid those negative feelings of helplessness and frustration. I will be trying a few of these items out myself. And I will eventually include them in my product reviews section.

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I have found many gadgets that can be used in the kitchen to help you do things on your own, with no assistance from others. Feeling independent once again!! There are things such as:

All-Purpose, Easy to Use Scissors

Automatic Jar Opener – for those hard to open jars. Something I need to get!!

Boil Over Safeguard – to prevent you from having to run to the stove to catch that occasional pot from boiling over.

Corn Off the Cob Peeler — I just might be getting this for the hubby!!

Cut Resistant Gloves — protect your hands when chopping, cutting and slicing in the kitchen!

Easy Grip Flatware – for those that have arthritis in their hands.

Egg Peeler — another one I”ll have to try!!

Electric Water Kettle — Quickly heats water and has an automatic shut off.

Ice Cream Scoop – Scoop out ice cream with ease, with this ergo design.  Another gadget I will be trying, cause I love my ice cream!!

Kitchen Utensil Set — Easy-grip utensils, in a slimline design, saving space

Manual Can Opener —  big easy-to-turn knob. Comfortable handle. Sharp cutting disc effortlessly cut the sturdiest can.

Palm Peeler – peel fruits and veggies, for people with arthritis or joint issues.

Pull Out Spice Rack Cabinet Organizer — beats having to dig around for that one spice.  Because you know whatever spice it is your looking for is in the back!!!

Sliding Cabinet Shelves – makes it much easier for getting to those items way back in your cabinet.  And it comes in several dimensions!

Step Stool – always an excellent gadget to have, no matter what age!

Universal Knob Turners– for operating the knobs on your microwave, stoves, dishwashers, etc.


helpful gadgets for 50 and over, over 50, arthritis, helpful lists, kitchen gadgets, personal gadgets, nifty gadgets, neat gadgets


Personal Gadgets & Such

Extra Long Shoe Horn — this is something my father will find in his Christmas stocking this year.

Garden Seat/Stool — get support while sparing your knees, and back, when pulling those weeds, or planting those herbs!

Key Turner Hole in One —  an easy to use and grasp tool to open your locked doors.

Magnifying Floor Lamp — makes even the smallest of text easier to read. This is just too cool — a must-have for the hubby, as well as myself.

Pill Bottle Opener –I usually make sure I do not get the childproof lids, but occasionally I’ll wind up with one, which can sometimes be difficult for me to open.

Pill Crusher — for those pills that are just too big to swallow!

Talking Fever Thermometer –A fast way to take your temperature without the difficulty of trying to see the reading.  This thermometer will speak to you, telling you what your temperature is.  This is another one I must check out.  Starting to build me a great Christmas list!!  (smiles)

Zipper Pull and Button Hook— this looks like a pretty neat gadget to try out. I don’t buy any clothing that zip or button because of my hands. I might have to check this one out too!!

helpful gadgets for 50 and over, over 50, arthritis, helpful lists, kitchen gadgets, personal gadgets, nifty gadgets, neat gadgets

Other Nifty Gadgets & Such

Not necessarily things you need, but look pretty neat. And it might be helpful to check out:

TV Soundbox — to hear your television clearer!!

Last Words

I am not endorsing any of the above products yet.  So far, I have tried none of them.  But if YOU have, I would love for YOU to leave your review in the comments section below.  Helping one another out is part of what this blog is about!!

I will be continually updating these lists, so be sure to keep checking back!

Also, if you know about some useful gadgets and/or such that should be added to my lists, let me hear about it in my comments, below!!  I’ll make sure to get them added!!!  And thank you.

You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake. It’s like, “See if you can blow this out. – Jerry Seinfeld


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  1. Well, I definitely fit into this and completely understand your frustration. Me too. And as for staying independent, I want to stay independent for as long as I can. I am dizzy sometimes and I fell out of the shower backward, pulling the curtain and rod with me. I hit hard. My dog came flying in, looked at me then turned around and left thinking I was okay. I wasn’t I hurt something fierce but called my daughter and she insisted I go to the ER. Thankfully nothing was cracked or broken. On the way home I turned to my daughter and said: “no I am not going into a facility!” Maybe I won’t tell her next time.

    • Oh my, that is SCARY. Maybe get those shower bars?? I’m glad you’re ok. Bad doggie, lol. Isn’t it an awful feeling when you fall and have to call someone? I had to do that about 4 years ago.
      Thank you for stopping by Louise, and come again.

      Here’s to our independence!!!


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