If you have any ideas or tips, please pass them along in the comments section.  I’d be more than happy to add them to my lists.  As f today, 10-6-19, Thanksgiving is in 53 days, so let’s begin!

Links for holiday planner pages will be below.


The last week of the month:

  1. In the last week, find out how many people you can expect to come.  Once you have a number, then you’ll be able to figure out just how much food and beverages you’ll need to buy.  This will ensure that your dinner plans will be just as you planned.
  2. If you’ve put up any Halloween decorations, start taking them down, so that you can begin to decorate your home.  Whether it be your front door, or inside your home.


First week:

Start planning your menu.  This will give you enough time if any changes need to be made.  Make sure it falls within the budget you set for Thanksgiving. Also, if your using sny recipes be sure to collect them all in one place.

Clean out your freezer, then organize what is left in there.

Clean out and then organize your pots and pans drawer or cupboards.  And make sure you have everything you’ll need to cook your dinner.  There is nothing worse than finding out, as your cooking, that you don’t have the equipment you need.

By the end of the first week, if you plan on ordering your turkey, I would go ahead and order it.  Or buy a frozen one at the grocery store, if you have room in your freezer.  This is why you cleaned out your freezer.

You can buy any non-perishables that you have on your list.

Second Week:

For those people, that you may have, offering to help cook, this week is the time to touch base with them.  Lay the plans out, and check em twice.  LOL

Now would be a good time to clean out your fridge and freezer.  Get rid of all those old leftovers and open soda cans in the fridge.

You can prepare your pie crusts, your turkey stock, and cookie dough.  Then freeze them.

Consider your table seating, decor, centerpiece, and linen.  Do it now, and write it down.  Remember it is so important to use those lists that you made!

When you do your weekly shopping this second week, if you shop weekly, buy your beverages.  This includes any alcohol your planning on having.

The Countdown Begins

The 20th:

If you’re planning on using your special china, now is a good time to check that you have everything you need.  Then wash them.

If you don’t order your turkey, then go ahead and buy your turkey and the other items on your list.

The 21st:

The more than you have ready, the less you’ll have to do in the following days.

If your turkey is frozen, take it out to defrost it in the fridge.  It usually takes 24 hours for every five pounds of your bird.

If you make a brine, today is the time to do so.

Start gathering all your baking dishes, platters, and etc.

Put any wine or beer you bought in your fridge to chill.

Start preparing your desserts and side dishes.  For instance, mix your mushroom soup and your green beans, but do not add your Durkee onions till your ready to cook.  For the time being, it’ll keep in your fridge.

The 22nd:

Brine that turkey!

Complete your make-ahead side dishes!

Clean your home.  If you’ve already decluttered your home, then cleaning it will be a lot easier and quicker.

You can then add your linen and any table decor.

Now pour yourself a glass of wine, and relax.  You got this!

The 23rd:

Depending on what you have prepared for today, it will depend on your schedule. Making a schedule for today could work for you.