Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is so vitally important, at this stage in life. When you start taking care of yourself, you are then able to appreciate your life fully. So, what is it you’re waiting for? Decide today to put yourself first. Today, you are going to start taking care of yourself! Enjoy life to it’s fullest. Have fun! And give yourself a little self-love!


First and foremost, we all need to rest! Researchers suggest seven to nine hours of sleep. Each person is different. But, if you start going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning, it is incredibly beneficial for you. Your body’s internal clock will kick in and helps your body stay on track. In time your body will get used to this routine.

I found when I do this; I’m able to get up early in the morning. And believe me, when I tell you, I am SO NOT a morning person. But having a sleep schedule made it so much easier for me. Also, at night, I began to feel tired around TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF – Part 1bedtime. And once I went to bed, I was able to fall asleep faster. Some nights I was able to sleep through the night, with fewer trips to the bathroom.

Sleep is essential to all humans; it is critical to a healthy body. It gives your immune system a boost. It helps to repair damaged cells. Sleep rejuvenates your body.  It detoxes your brain, which helps with cognitive thinking. Sleep equals happiness. Sleep recharges our body, giving us energy so that we can live life to it’s fullest. When you feel rested, you tend to feel more healthy.  And you’ll have the energy you need to be able to reach for the stars!


Just like sleep, we all need to eat. And that can be a challenge for many of us. Especially if you’re dieting. Or trying to eat healthier. I’ve often told my husband, one of the reasons that I think why Americans are so obese, we no longer have the eating schedule like we did when we were kids.

I remember having breakfast before school. That was usually around 7:00 in the morning. Researchers have said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You don’t have to eat a large meal, but something nutritional would get you ready for your day. Then at around noon, we would have our lunch. Possibly a snack after we got home from school. Nothing big, just something to carry us over until supper time. And if you ate your supper, there was usually a dessert afterward. To this day, I want something sweet after supper.

But times have changed.  There is fast food everywhere!!  With many places open 24 hours. People have so much going on, and they eat when they find the time. A lot of times, they eat on the run. Or don’t eat all. Even the food we buy from the stores has changed a lot. There are a lot of processed foods. It is unreal the garbage that we eat. It is so unhealthy and does us no good. In some cases, it does more harm than good.

TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF – Part 1We NEED to start eating healthier to be as healthy as we can be. Cut down on the processed foods. Cut down on fast food. Eat more nutritional. Change the size of your portions. And yes, put yourself, or you and your loved one on an eating schedule. Society, in general, eats when they can or when they want. Snack when they want. There is very little self-control.

And need I mention the soda pop? I don’t mean the occasional soda pop. I mean, the ones that have a can/bottle/jug of soda pop with them at all times. My husband is one of those people. And when he cuts out the soda pop, he can feel a big difference. He can see the weight come off. And just that little bit of restraint, makes him feel so much better. I see people with those huge containers of pop that they can get at the gas station.  Some of those are 64 ounces!!! No wonder America is one of the obese countries in the world. If not, the most overweight. I don’t even think I drink 64 ounces of soda pop in a month! I find it hard to finish a 12 ounce can of soda pop in one sitting. So I started buying the eight packs of 8-ounce soda pop cans, those are the right size for me, and I can usually finish one.

I don’t believe in diets. Not for the long run anyway. It’s a change in life that we must make. A difference in what we chose to put into our mouth. Do I mean that you cannot have a slice of apple pie?  Or that candy bar??  Oh, heck, no! Just use restraint on how much and how often.

Here is a tough one for me. And honestly, I am currently working on it. I am a picky eater, so at times I struggle with it. Let us do this one together! Let’s decide that we want to live the best life we possibly can, and have fun doing so, by eating right. Let us explore and try foods we thought we would never eat. We might even surprise ourselves!

♦UPDATE: 12/8/18 While on vacation, I tried gator bites. Alligator meat.  They were different but tasted ok.  I probably wouldn’t order them again, didn’t care for the texture of them.  But I’m doing it; I’m trying new things!!  In the comments section below, let me know something new you’ve tried.


TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF – Part 1I can not stress how much we need to exercise. I do not mean for you to run out and join a gym right now. Get buff, run a marathon, etc.  Although, if you can, and achieve any of those, my hat is off to you! You have a head start on most of us!

I have health issues. Many of us do, but I’m going to share my experience with you. I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis. In the past, I have been bedridden. Or what I could do when not in bed was limited. So I did sit a lot.  If you are hurting, you don’t want to move around much. But when you don’t use it, you lose it, right?? I did.

I hated going grocery shopping because I had to stop and rest several times. I would get so out of breath. And my strength was nil. It interfered with everything that was going on in my life. That made me sad too. I was missing out on so much, especially with my kids.

Walking is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And it is free. Start slow if you have to. I found that walking gave me back some of my strength. And with that, it just snowballed. We would go to the beach. Most times walking in the sand was a challenge. But eventually, that became easier. So my husband and I would take walks down the beach. I would get in the water, about shin deep, and walk. I could feel it work out my hips, thighs, and rear. And being in the water helped cool me down.  I could feel it; I felt stronger; my endurance was so much better.  I wasn’t getting out of breath so quickly.

Walking in the park is easy too. I would look for mini-challenges, just for myself. A slight slope, I would walk up quickly. A curb, I step up and down several times, using my calf muscles. Do you have a dog you can take for a walk?  Take her/him to the park with you! He/she would love to go for a walk. And It’s healthy for both of you! You know what you can and can’t do. Work up to it, doing a little at a time. And make sure you have your loved one around. Everybody loves a cheering section. Or a TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF – Part 1little competition. And it’s great to have someone there if you need a little help getting off that bench too. Most importantly, you’re spending time with each other. That enriches your relationship.

Get you and your loved one a fitness tracker. Both my husband, I have a Fitbit, and it does help. It drives my husband to reach his step goal every day! It pushes us both to want to be fit!! I even have alarms set to remind me to take my medicines on time. I have an alarm for when it’s time to remind me to wind down for bed!  And, mine even tells me when I need to move!! I love it!!! They track your steps, miles walked/ran, calories you burn, log food, stairs you climb. Your heart rate, sleep, and more. They’re worth checking out!

~~~~>>>> Click here to read my review on the Fitbit Alta HR  <<<<~~~~

We just joined a gym. It’s our second time belonging to a gym. That was a few years back, my husband went to his doctor and got a checkup. His weight was out of control. So we joined a gym that afternoon. My husband was more into it the first time we went and dropped 25 pounds. I went mainly for support. I did little things, but I didn’t like to sweat.  Thanks to menopause. Tommy used the elliptical a lot, and that helped him to lose that weight. He lost 25 pounds.  I lost about seven pounds, but I did benefit from what little I did, endurance, strength, and flexibility. It doesn’t hurt you to move.

And for those three last things above, I am going to make this time at the gym more beneficial for me. I plan to sweat this time & sweat a lot. I’ll get hot, but I’ll stay hydrated and deal with it. I want to feel stronger. I want to be able to move quickly. I want to be able to try new things, like kayaking, and be able to enjoy it! And I do want to lose weight. And I believe that will come off as I work on my three goals. But most of all, I want to be able to get on that elliptical. I have poor balance, so I’m going to work on that too. But that is my goal.  The elliptical, and to be able to go kayaking with my husband- my goals.  It’s important to set obtainable goals.  Make them realistic, and you’ll be crushing them before you know it!!

I learned from an arthritis water aerobics class; we become less flexible as we age. And the simple thing as turning your neck, to be able to look behind you when you’re backing up your car, can become very difficult to do. A simple task, yet so very important when it comes to driving safely. Working on this not only helps to improve our lives, but it is needed so that we can remain safe.

There are so many ways to exercise. If your health is what’s stopping you, try chair exercise, or chair yoga. Start small if you have to. Just start! I use to lift dumbbells during commercials. Start with 3 or 5 lbs. Or I’d exercise my hands while watching my tv show, between the commercials. My husband made me a platform with a little handle so that I could do some step exercises. I eventually started doing some resistance exercises.

And Never Forget to Treat Yourself

Go out and get yourself a new haircut. Maybe even change the color or get rid of those grays. Try a new shampoo and conditioner. I mean, how long have you been using your current brand of shampoo and conditioner?? You can always go back if you prefer.

Try a new perfume or body spray!  A new body lotion.  Or new skincare products.  I know-aromatherapy!!  I’m just getting into this myself, and I love it.

Try getting your nails done. If it’s something you use to like doing, or always wanted to do, then do it!  Don’t forget those toes!

What about a massage? Yoga? Acupuncture? Have you tried going to a spa? If you’ve always wanted to try it, go for it! What are you waiting for? Take care of yourself today!

Go shopping for a new outfit to go with your new haircut and those rose-colored nails! Let us decide that right now, we are going to start taking care of ourselves!  Because we matter.

To be continued

I will be following up this article up with a part 2, maybe even a part 3. I will be adding more information, ideas, and experiences.

*** I would love to hear from you! Tell us some of your adventures!  What has or has not worked for you. Or say, hello! ***

And make sure you keep checking back for here. I’m almost 57, and I want to share this incredible, exciting, new journey with YOU.

The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.  –Frank Lloyd Wright


6 thoughts on “Taking Care of Yourself”

  1. Hello Laura. What a great article At 50 I’m starting to realize how important this is and all your recommendations are spot on. I’m really not big into the exercise thing but my wife and I do take walks and I have been working on changing my eating habits. I did read an article where researchers have said you can go on six hrs sleep and still be ok is this true?
    Thank you

    • Hi David. I’ve seen it said where 7 to 9 hours is whats needed. But, when I was working, 6 hours did me good. I do know if I sleep too much, it’s like not getting enough.
      Have a great week David.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thank you for this reminder. These are all basic advice but somehow we still forget. We really need to take care of ourselves and it will pay off in spades. Sleep is a challenge for me. And the occasional food indulgences. Thanks again.


  3. I could not agree more. When it comes to sleep and diet, there is a clear as day difference for me when I’m not doing what I know I should be doing. I have noticed my diet really plays the biggest role in how my mood is.
    Such great information!

    • Thank for stopping by Alex. Isn’t it awesome how such little things, like sleep, diet and fitness can do such big changes! I just love it!
      Be sure to stop by again, as I plan to add much more info to my site!


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