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I am not a doctor or a trainer! I am only sharing with you, stretching exercises that I found on the internet. Most will be from YouTube, where you can do your own search, to find activities that best suit your needs and levels. Exercise is not a one size fits all, but I will try my best to include something for everyone.

PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR before starting any kind of exercise.


Often, as we get older, we tend to slow down our movements, and that’s because our muscles start to shrink, losing their elasticity.  Arthritis doesn’t help either.  As I’m sure some other health problems.  Getting up from a chair, getting in and out of a car, even getting out your bed becomes a daily struggle.  And at times, we tend to skimp on our regular routines and activities, either because it causes us pain, we want to avoid getting hurt, or because we have fallen in the past, therefore we know better.

When you don’t move, your body only becomes weaker.  With the muscles getting smaller, simple movement and tasks become much more difficult to do.  If they can be done at all.  For me, if I don’t move around, my joint pain tends to get worse, as well as my stiffness.  When one is in pain, one does not feel like moving. Which only makes matters worse.  That wicked double-edged sword!   In the long run, it is best for me to move.

This is when stretching needs to be added to your life.  If you do no other exercise, but stretch, you will begin to feel better, and notice improvements.  I promise you, if you do nothing else, but stretching, you will notice a difference.

The Benefits of Stretching

Benefits from stretching are very similar to the warm-up you do before any activity.  It helps with better movement, for your joints, and it helps with your posture.   I enjoy stretching because I can feel it release my muscle tension, specifically in my back.  It often becomes tight, and stretching helps me to relieve that tightness.

Did you know that stretching may also help with improving your coordination?  Improves your balance? It also increases circulation and helps with muscle control, enabling them to work better for you.    Are you beginning to see the benefits that come from stretching, and it’s really not that difficult at all.

While I’m working, and I feel my back becoming tight, I will lean forward in my chair, with either my elbows on my legs, or I will lie the top part of my body on my thighs.   I’ll relax, holding this position and I can actually feel it stretching out my tight muscles.

And my favorite benefit from stretching is that it gives you energy.  How, you might ask?   During the night, when you are sleeping, you lose muscle tone, and fluids tend to settle in your back.  When you stretch, which we sometimes do when we’re waking up, that fluid then circulates throughout your body, where it belongs.

If it has been a while since you’ve done any kind of real stretching, don’t fear, at any age, there are benefits you will receive.  But remember to start slow.  This is not a race.   Stretching has your muscles lengthening outside the norm, which is what you want, to become more flexible.  But do so slowly, avoiding injury is key.


Exercising from Your Chair

The same benefits above can be achieved stretching in your chair/wheelchair.   It also can boost your mood, while reducing stress.  It can open up your shoulders and your neck.  as it stretches your spine.

Here are a few of chair stretching videos to try.  Maybe watch them first, to help you decide which one you prefer.  Or heck, do em all.  LOL   And don’t hesitate to do your own search to find a video right for you, YouTube has a lot of videos for seated stretching exercises for us baby boomers.  And please, in the comments section below, add any videos or ideas, that you feel would be beneficial to staying fit this winter!







I found this video hard to hear, its almost like she’s in the bathroom, talking.  LOL  That could just be me, though.  So, I wanted to include the link, because it is an informative and helpful website.  It is called 12 Easy and Gentle Seated Stretching Exercises for Seniors. (Including a 4-minute video)




Here are a few stretching exercises for beginner boomers.  Always remember to first start slow, and if it hurts, stop doing it!







Stretching Routines

Here I will add a few stretching routines that you can make a part of your day, every day.  You will need to be a little bit more advanced.  So start out with the ones above, and then work up to these.  OK?  Safety first!  Always!!

This guy has daily show’s and I’ll start you with the first episode and you can catch up, subscribe if you like these exercises.  It appears he does these exercises daily.  You can understand him.  LOL  And you can Sign up for the Free Senior Fitness Challenge!




And if you’re interested in beginning yoga, below are a couple of videos I found. Yoga is an excellent way to stretch as well.


I am not a doctor or a trainer! I am only sharing with you, stretching exercises that I found on the internet. Most will be from YouTube, where you can do your own search, to find activities that best suit your needs and levels. Exercise is not a one size fits all, but I will try my best to include something for everyone.

PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR before starting any kind of exercise.


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  1. Hey there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “Stretching” as it’s interesting and contains tonnes of valuable information. I always used to neglect stretching before the workout and I’ve struggled with a back injury. One of my doctors suggested that I do a couple of rehab workouts and stretches before starting a workout. Stretching warms up your body and increases flexibility of one’s system. I’ll share this article with my friends and family members so that they get an idea on the importance of stretching. 

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this post. Keep up the good work! 

    • HI,

      And great, thank you for sharing..  I love stretching and if I do nothing else I stretch, often with a strap that hangs over our front door.  It’s is better than doing nothing.  LOL

      Thanks for stopping by,

      =)  Laura

  2. Stretching everyday is great to keep your body moving everyday, keeping yourself fit is more than just working out , if you dont stretch then your body will be stiff when you start to work out and you can hurt yourself. I know when I get unwell, after a few days my body hurts and feels weak becuase I don’t move much. 

    • You said it Jayde.  It’s more important than people realize.  Glad you’re staying fit.

      Thank you for stopping by,


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