I want to start this out by defining the word stress:

Stress: is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

We all have stress in our lives. It’s part of living.

I love it when my doctor tells me I need to cut down on the stress. Or to remove it altogether. Like I would cut down on my sugar intake? Really??? I’d like to see him cut down on his stress, let alone remove it altogether.

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As we get older, our body, in general, can’t handle stress, like we could when we were younger. It can take us longer to recover from significant stress. Usually, due to our heart and lungs not being able to handle stress like it used to. Dealing with stress mentally can be just as tricky. Insomnia often plays a big part in that equation.

Here is just a shortlist of stress-related symptoms and health problems:

  1. Alzheimer’s
  2. Anxiety
  3. Breathing issues such as Asthma
  4. Depression
  5. Diabetes
  6. Headaches
  7. Heart disease
  8. Heartburn
  9. Immune system
  10. Insomnia
  11. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  12. Muscle Pain
  13. Premature aging
  14. Premature death
  15. Slower healing
  16. Ulcers
  17. Weight Gain

I’m sure there are more that I can add to this list, but this covers a lot. Most of you may already have experienced some of the above. I know I have.

Supplements that May Help with Stress

stress, sick, effects your health, illness, manage stress, supplements for stress, tips, 50 and over, over 50, 50 plusI want to mention that the best way to get the proper supplements/vitamins/minerals your body needs is by eating healthy foods. One should strive to eat right, and then use the supplements, to supplement your diet.

Yes, we’re back to supplements. But that goes to show you that supplements can cover many different health issues, by just taking one pill, possibly 2. And they’re way cheaper than most prescription drugs.

I will add a few links, that you can check out for yourself. Read the information, and then draw your conclusions:

Please, leave me any useful links you may have in my comments section below. I would be honored to add it to my list!

I use the word ‘may’ a lot in my list. The main reason is I am not a licensed health care professional. Nor do I claim to be. This info is info I am sharing with you from articles I’ve read on the internet, books, and magazines.
IF you decide to add anything new to your diet/medications, please always remember to check with your doctor first!!!

Stress Relief Tips

While writing this article, I realized that I make a lot of lists. (hahaha) What does that say about me??

Here is my list of tips I’ve collected. I hope some will be useful to you:

Accept – that some situations are out of your control.

Acupuncture – to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Always count your blessings – there are many blessings in our lives, no matter how bad it gets!

Aromatherapy – inhaling particular scents can have a calming effect.

Avoid people that cause you stress, as well as situations.  We can’t always avoid all situations or people for that matter, but there are some we can.  Take notice.

Be Assertive – not aggressive. It’s a positive where aggression is negative.

Breathe/Breathing exercises – here are a few YouTube videos for you to check out:

You can also find similar exercise podcasts on Spotify. I’m sure there are other apps as well, I’m only familiar with Spotify.

Compromise – often, a middle ground can be reached.

Crosswords, puzzles, and word games – are great for distractions from stress. It also helps to Improve Your Memory as well!

Cut back on your caffeine – coffee, pop, energy drinks–which tends to put us on edge, not useful for stressful situations.

Eat Plenty of Fruits

Eat different kinds of vegetables

Exercise – resistance & cardio. It’s a super antidote for stress.

Express yourself – instead of bottling it up, or stuffing it down and keeping it inside.


Get plenty of fresh air – a change of scenery often helps put things in perspective.

Get Plenty of (Sleep)

Get out in the sunshine!

Keep a diary/journal – it helps with reflecting on stressful situations.

Know when to ask for help.

Laugh, often – watch a funny movie, read a comic book, watch silly videos. Check out my Jokes page, for a few laughs.

Learn to forgive – Here’s another helpful article you might like to read, Finding Happiness, Forgiveness, Joy & Purpose

Learn to Say No – overextending yourself adds more stress in your life.

Learn Yoga – 7 Yoga YouTube videos from beginners, & a bit more advanced.

Make time – for hobbies, interests, etc.

stress, sick, effects your health, illness, manage stress, supplements for stress, tips, 50 and over, over 50, 50 plusMassages – they are very relaxing, stress melts away as does those knots in your muscles.

Meditation – some more useful YouTube videos: (most of these are for beginners, you can search for higher levels)


Music – is another way to escape. Sing along, dance, and smile your stress away!!

Organize your time – it helps you to manage your time.

Pace yourself, know your limits!

Read – it is a great distraction. I say it’s my escape.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

Routines – help keep those surprise stresses at bay.

Run – I did this when I was young. The more stress I felt, the faster I would run. It always worked to relieve my stress.

Self Talk – is a handy tool. Keep it positive and inspirational.  Things like “I can do this,” “I am calm.”  And some deep breathing can help too.

Set boundaries – creating boundaries is needed to have less stress in your life.

Set time aside for yourself.

Spend time with your pet/fur baby. Don’t have one, think about getting one. Relieves stress!! And unconditional love is limitless!

Socialize – often. With family and friends!  For me, socializing helps me to feel young and connected.

stress, sick, effects your health, illness, manage stress, supplements for stress, tips, 50 and over, over 50, 50 plus

Start a bucket list – the link is to another one of my articles that I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

Stay Positive – read another article of mine: My AHA Moment

Take a relaxing bath


Do you have anything special you do that helps you to relieve your stress????? Share with us all in the comments. I’ll add it to my list above.


I know that the above list is rather extensive. I just wanted to include as many tips as possible. Stress cannot be cured, unfortunately. But you can put in place buffers to reduce the impact of your stress. Learn what works best for you and use it. Use it as often as needed.

I hope the video links will help you to learn how to manage your stress. Most of them are teaching videos that are packed with ideas, techniques, and tips. Search on your own, if you do not like what is listed in my article. The Internet is a wonderful tool for learning, use it!

Those of us 50 and beyond want to enjoy the second half of our lives, with as little stress as possible. Try some of the tips above and let us know in the comment section below if they worked for you or not.

Please leave any of your comments below. Who knows, they may be the exact thing that someone’s been looking for.

Stress-Related Resources

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  1. I enjoyed that you went through the alphabet with your recommendations. These are all great. I recently learned that Epsom salt baths can help you relieve stress and replenish the magnesium and sulfate in your body.

    • Hi Melinda, I would like to add that to my blog! If that is ok with you?? I did not know that about Epsom salt. I love learning new things, don’t you??

      Thanks for stopping by and come again soon,

    • Oh my. I was just discussing this very same thing this afternoon. And when I get it added, you will be the first to know, ok?? And thanks for your interest. It’s nice to know I’m connecting with people out there. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by and please, come again, soon,

  2. Stress is something we always have to deal with. There can be a number of reasons why people get stressed out. For me, I have found lavender is great when diffused throughout the day. Also, ylang ylang is great when you’re really stressed out.

    However, for dieting what are some simple tricks we can use to get us eating more healthy food that will put our body in the best possible chance for dealing with stress?

    • Hi Garin. You asked a very good question. To name a few, besides your leafy vegetables, there’s also turkey breast, yogurt, oatmeal, and fish. I guess I should have elaborated more. Those I mentioned is what most call superfoods.
      We need all we can get to help us relieve and/or manage stress.
      Thanks for stopping by, Garin.

  3. Stress, we face every day. For me, stress makes me unhappy. My body has so many sick. I think it is stress related symptoms. But, I have found no way to relieve my stress. It’s good to see your article mention different kind of supplements can deal with stress. I will try your stress relief tips. I hope it will be helpful for me.

    In this article, you talk stress in detail that’s really useful for every day who are stressing in their life. A ton of the work comes from the job and family. If we can not relieve stress, that will be a big problem in the future.

    Thank you for your sharing.

    • Hi CT,

      It would be nice if we could get rid of it. But till then just breathe, try an keep calm. I tend to rush an get things done, and I work myself all up…lately, I’ve been doing self-talk. Like telling myself to go slow. It kind of grounds me some.

      Thanks for stopping by Author & have a great day!


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