Seniors Perks and Discounts

There are good things that come with age. Wisdom and experience are at the top of that list. But, I enjoy senior perks and discounts! I mean, why shouldn’t we get perks and discounts?? We weathered this far in life; we deserve a few perks and discounts! Right?

Who qualifies for senior perks and discounts? That answer varies, but I’d guess seniors anywhere from 55 to 65 and over!!  Some places, even 50. Most places do not advertise their senior citizen discounts (although some do), keep in mind to ALWAYS ASK!! The worse that can be said is no. And, us seniors know how to handle a “no.” Next time, we’ll choose to go where senior perks and discounts are offered! Or maybe we won’t wait till next time, and find that place that does offers discounts now!

In my many searches, I have found many senior perks and discounts for restaurants, retail stores, prescriptions, travel, hotels, rentals, insurance, mortgage, cell phone plans, and more. This list is extensive, I’ve only scratched the surface.

Are you ready? Let’s go!!!


seniors perks and discountsRestaurant perks and discounts usually include a free drink with a meal or even buy one meal get another, of equal value, for free. Some places offer a 10% discount. I read on ToughNickel, how 10% doesn’t sound like very much, but it equates to “Pay No Sales Tax for Life!” I kind of like that wording, myself!

Keep in mind that not all discounts or perks on the same. They could differ by state, to being seasonal. That is why it is wise to get in the habit, to always ask!

Also, keep in mind that a lot of great discounts and benefits are membership related. Like AARP, to name one.

I am a member, so that’s the only one I know anything about. AARP has discounts and benefits for members only. You will also find there’s so much age-related information. If you’re looking for it, you’re more than likely going to find it. You can sign up to receive emails. They have a magazine. Personally, it is a must-have, and it’s available to those 50 and above. If you know of other senior membership programs, please share it with me in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you. And yes, AARP does have an app!

If you are ex-military, you could find discounts. Most places, like retail, will have a military discount day. In some cases, restaurants will require to see your retired military ID. Just ask.

There are many apps out there too, to help you find restaurant discounts. Some of these apps have senior discounts, and some may not. Search on either Google Play or the Apple Store.

And don’t forget about the printable restaurant coupons, like what’s on BeFrugal. If you know of other sites where you can print restaurant coupons, please let me know in the comments below! We would all love to know!!

Retail Stores

The biggest desire for discounts is usually for clothing and grocery stores. I’ve seen discounts for clothing stores as high as 60%. seniors perks and discountsThat is insane! But, hey, I’ll take it. Some stores have a day of the week, where seniors can save a percentage of their total purchase. If you’re not sure, always ask! Be sure to ask instead of assuming. I was in retail management my whole life, and a question comes across a lot nicer than a demand.

I didn’t know this, and I do not know which stores are included, but some stores offer rebates! Rebates for senior citizens! How cool is that?

Many grocery stores also offer senior discounts. Usually, between 5% to 10% of Grocery stores/Supermarkets, generally having a day of the week, where seniors can go in and shop and receive a discount.

I will be writing an article in the future, regarding clothes, for the mature shopper. Not sure what I’ll call it. So be sure to keep checking back. When I do add that article, I will add a link to it from here.

Always ask at any drugstore, especially on your prescriptions! Ask at tech stores, pet stores, car or heavy equipment rental companies, products & services, entertainment, activities, automotive repair, and so much more. When in doubt, always ask!

Drop me a comment if you have anything you’d like to share. Comments are always welcome!

Travel & Hotels

I think these discounts are the best out there! It makes it affordable for some of us, who couldn’t afford to travel, to be able to travel! It’s great if you’re living on a budget. Who doesn’t enjoy traveling??

seniors perks and discountsMost know about airfare discounts. And a lot of those are great! They anywhere between 5%, up to 50%. Different airlines offer different savings, so be sure to verify that when booking your flight.

I find that off-season for traveling to be cheaper as well. Of course, prices rise during holidays, but they also rise during Spring Break for both schools and colleges. Then, of course, right at the beginning of summer, prices can be high. I believe booking as far in advance as possible is the smart thing to do.

Also, check out senior discounts on car rentals. Don’t forget the bus travel and train travel offer discounts as well. Any forms of travel, always ask!

Hotels can offer 10% to 30% discounts for us beautiful seniors!! And there are so many hotels!!! The fact that prices go up for travel during peak times, the same is true for hotels. And the same is true for advanced booking.

Wouldn’t hurt to ask when you’re considering places like resorts, bed & breakfast, bungalows, beach house, condo, etc.

Membership organizations also offer targeted discounts, especially for members only. (AARP, or AAA)

I debated where to post this discount, but I did want to post it for those that didn’t know. Or who might be interested?  Cruises offer senior discounts too!! Just now, searching on Google, I saw savings as high as 70% and 82% off on cruises! Do not forget to ask about their packages too.

I’ve also found many kinds of other promotions! i.e., Book a cruise and get a gift/debit/store specific card worth XXX.XX amount of money.

Wouldn’t it be great to treat yourself or you and your loved one to a cruise?? And there are so many destinations, from which to choose!

My List of Discount Sites

I couldn’t include all the categories that seniors can save; there’s too many to name. And I’d probably still miss some also. But if you are spending money at a public business, ASK about senior discounts.

Most places will not tell you about their existing senior discount. And it NEVER hurts to ask. And sadly, the same is true on websites. I do not know what the procedure would be to find out if you find out how, please drop me a comment below so that I can inform everyone! Let’s save some money!!!

Here are the discount lists that I came across, and I’d like to share them with you. And as always, if you have any awesome discounts you’d like to share, please do so in the comments. I may add it to my list. WHICH MEANS, I will be updating this list often, so keep checking back!!! As always, thanks for stopping by!!!

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(last updated 12/17/18)



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10 thoughts on “Seniors Perks and Discounts”

  1. Hi Laura! This hits home for me now that I’m a senior. Why should I pay more for things especially being on Social Security? My wife and I use AARP, AAA, Groupon and anything else we can to save money. Whether we go shopping, out to eat. or travel, we use every advantage we can including apps! I’m also bookmarking your site so we can look into other discounts! Thanks Laura!

    • Thanks for stopping by Rob!! And you are exactly right, why should we pay more?? I’m glad you bookmarked this site. If you ever ant tidbits of info, let me know…I could wind up adding it!!
      Keep on saving!

  2. Wow, I guess it’s not always bad for getting old!
    If you tweak your mind a bit, you are actually like students now!
    I think the most important thing is to enjoy and love yourself at every stage of life!
    Thanks for this interesting article! I am going to share with my grandma!


    • Hi Crystal! You are so right, and we still have a lot of growing left to do. As one gets older, or at least with me, I learned to be kinder to myself. And thanks for the comment!

      Tell grandma I said hi and stop on by!!

  3. This is great!

    It’s so true, all you have to do is ask. I live in a small tourist town in Canada which grows to 30,000 people in the summer and only a full-time residency of 5,000. Many of the residents here are retired, I would say definitely over half. The town is awesome for giving locals discounts on top of seniors. Every Thursday t Shoppers Drug Mart is seniors day but, us under-agers also get to enjoy the benefits of the discount as well.

    Lots of information here, I enjoyed the read!

    • Hi Kahlua,
      Where you live sounds a lot like Bloomington Indiana. It is a college town, in the school season, their population goes up, like 40,000+.

      I’m glad that they let the locals enjoy some of the senior benefits, in your town. That’s nice.

      Thanks for stopping by and come again. Fell free to share my page,

  4. Hi Laura, isn’t it wonderful that all one needs to do is just ask. I think many people miss out on amazing opportunities to get discounts offered to retired folks and senior citizens. I was surprised at the discounts that are sometimes on offer at hotels and even cruises. Thanks for an enjoyable read as well. I like your style!

    keep well.


    • Hi Brian, thanks for stopping by. And yes, in writing this piece I learned a lot on the many different discounts, that I didn’t even know existed. And yes, it is amazing. I will definitely begin to ‘just ask’. LOL

      Come again soon, and thank you for the comment,


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