Reminder to Get Your Flu Shot!

If you’re one of the millions that get a flu shot every year, well if you haven’t done so yet, this is just a friendly reminder; to get your flu shot! 🙂

Ever since I was put on Enbrel, and now Humira I get a flu shot, every year. And every five years I get a pneumonia shot. My meds, I take lower my immune system. Which is why I always get a flu shot. I”ve even set a reminder on my smartphone, to remind me on October first, to get a flu shot. LOL, It works, been doing it for about 14 years.

Dangers of the Flu

Those of us baby boomers that have chronic illnesses, coming down with the flu, may lead to hospital stays, that can sometimes be fatal. The flu can take a healthy boomer, making them very sick, and even when they feel better, –they never quite seem to get back to ‘normal.’ Easy remedy? Get your flu shot!

By getting yourself immunized, you prevent inflammation, which can prevent possible strokes, even heart attacks, and lung problems. Did you know that 80% of deaths caused by influenza are baby boomers and seniors?? That number is pretty scary.


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We All Know the Symptoms

The symptoms pretty much are the same for anyone that gets the flu.

  • aches and pains
  • cough
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • headache
  • a runny nose
  • stuffy nose
  • Sometimes seniors can also have these symptoms:
  • diarrhea,
  • nauseous
  • vomiting

The flu can lead to pneumonia. It may make your chronic conditions worse.

Immune Boosting Super Foods

Besides getting the flu shot, there are many types of foods, good for boosting your immune system.

  • anise tea
  • apples
  • blueberries
  • broccoli
  • dark chocolate
  • eggs
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • garlic
  • ginger tea
  • ginseng tea
  • greek yogurt
  • green tea
  • honey (raw)
  • kiwi
  • mushrooms
  • nuts
  • oranges
  • oysters
  • papayas
  • poultry
  • red peppers
  • rosemary
  • salmon (not farm-raised, wild)
  • shellfish
  • spinach
  • sunflower seeds
  • tomatoes
  • tuna
  • whole-grain bread
  • NOTE: Drink plenty of water too!!

Good Habits To Get Into

Of course, washing your hands, any time of year is always a good habit.

Avoid any friends and/or family that are sick.

if you’re not sick, don’t go to the doctors’ office, even if you’re accompanying someone.

Ask my husband, when the kids were little, I’d use those sanitizing wipes and go through the entire house and wipe down doorknobs, faucets, handrails, fridge handle, washer lid, dryer door, all remotes, and back in the prehistoric day, telephones. I get made fun often sometimes but remember I don’t have much of an immune system, and I don’t want to wind up in the hospital again.

  • eat healthily
  • don’t share towels, washcloths, drinks, utensils.
  • keeping your home clean, helps too.
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth–especially when you’re out an about
  • getting good sleep
  • exercise


50 plus, over 50, sick, pneumonia, flu shot, winter, sick

Have a Healthy Winter

Enjoy your winter.  I tend to hibernate, lol.  Not my favorite season.  I prefer Spring and Summer; bones don’t hurt near as much!!

Now, get your flu shot. And pneumonia shot if you’re due! You can go to your doctor’s office, or CVS, Walgreens, etc.

You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. -Bob Hope

17 thoughts on “Reminder to Get Your Flu Shot!”

  1. Hello Laura, I think your post nail it right on the head. Getting flu can be very easy to get. One of my friends always have a flue every year due to the pollen and other factors. I think I will suggest some of these recommendations to him so that he can start implementing it. This way he will have a stronger a immune system. Thanks a lot Laura. 

  2. Thank you for the reminder.  My husband turns 50 this year and he always scoffs at getting his flu shot.  I’m going to make him get it this year.  Thanks for the list of immune boosting foods too.  This will come in handy.

    My eyes are sensitive and I’m always wiping them or getting the “sleep” out of the crevices.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep my hands away from my eyes.

    Thanks again for the reminder, it’s that time of year again!

    • Oh i understand how that can sometimes be a battle—getting the hubby to take v=care of themselves by getting a flu shot.  It took my husband getting sick from kidney stones, and the doctors changing his HP meds, that he was deathly allergic to, but I no longer have to remind him.

      I’m bad too with my hands around my face a lot.  So I use hand sanitizer, when I’m out and about it public.  I use to work retail, and people do not cover their mouth/nose when the sneeze/cough…that is what has made me such a germ-a-phobe.

      Have a healthy winter!

  3. “By getting yourself immunized, you prevent inflammation, which can prevent possible strokes, even heart attacks” 

    That is so true and it is very important for everyone to get their flu shot. When you take medications it can make your immune system weaker so always get it every year. I know I do. And my kids do as well. I’ve been so lucky as to never had caught it but a cousin of mine did one year when the weather was bad and it was just terrible. She made it through bless her heart. Thankfully there is people like you out here to warn people of the dangers. It’s best to take care of yourself and those around you. The worse case scenario is that it would develop into pneomina and that is not fun at all.

    Thank you so much for the much needed post especially when it’s starting to get cold.

    • It’s good to hear you’re taking care of yourself and your little ones.  A lot of those my age that get sick because of the flu, even we they have recovered, are never quite the same.  That’s scary.  

      And you are so welcome!!

    • Yes, Staci, you are so correct. My Humira does that to me, thus why I need to get a flu shot, as well as my pneumonia, shot every 5 years.

      And I’m so happy to hear that your cousin got better. Flu can get serious, at times.

      Here’s to all of our health, and may winter be kind to us all! =)

  4. Hello Laura,

    Thanks for reminding us to take care of ourselves; we all need that from time to time!

    It is so true that our bodies change when we hit our 50’s. It was so easy when I was younger to do anything, and just took it for granted that it would always be that way.

    That is not the way it is now… and it is not going to get better without a lot of work. People in their 50’s and beyond must accept that and learn to deal with it. Good to know there are people who are looking out for others along the way.

    Went for blood work this morning and did not give this a second thought until coming across your post, and my job is offering flu shot’s this week… guess I better get up there.

    Thank You,

    Have a great day!



    • Hi Chad,

      I so understand your statement “It is so true that our bodies change when we hit our 50’s. It was so easy when I was younger to do anything, and just took it for granted that it would always be that way.”  My husband and I often talk/kid about it now.  I mean what else can you do?  You either accept it and move on or….???

      Glad you’ll be getting a flu shot.  And have a healthy winter!!

  5. I love this post and we need more.  There are fare too many people against the flu shot  he flu spreads beacause if that.

    I get it regularly for a few reasons.  I am a paramedic and pick up people with the flu (magority over 50), I have 2 kids under 12, and I am over 50 and I don’t want it.

    I’m also one who lives a clean healthy lifestyle including a lot of fitness, the foods you mention, and we make sure our house is clean.  I also never wear my work uniform home from work.

    I guess i’m One of those who has never had it and keep my immune system boosted.  Everything you say really works.

    • Hi Stew.  You have many good reasons to get it.  Especially your children.  Their lucky to have a dad like you!  

      My girls say I am a germ-a-phobe.  But if it keeps me from getting sick, sobeit.

      Have a safe winter Steww

  6. Great advice! I didn’t take my shot yet… I will do as soon as possible. Getting immunization is very important for every body in order to prevent some illness.I liked your recommendation about hygiene, what to eat, to do physical exercises… all to get a better health and a better life. Some times people don’t take care about hygiene, but it is very important to kill some microorganisms that can be bad for us, also to prevent some contagious illness.Thank you for sharing this “reminder” 🙂

    • I agree with you it is very important.  That is why I decided to make a small reminder post.  I’m glad it reminded you, you still need to get your shot..  Have a healthy winter!!!

  7. Thank you for a great website. I love the list of good things to make my life more tolerable. I often wonder why someone called this the golden years. I guess it is all that you make of it. That is a great list of things that will improve my immune system. It has been years since I came down with the flu but it only takes one exposure and at my age I cannot afford to get sick. Thanks for the concern over my health

  8. Hi Laura,

    Maybe I am not 50 and beyond, but I will definitely go to do my Flu Shot this year.

    Last year I got serious flu that got complicated, and it was a terrible experience, since then I promised myself that I will go and do a flu shot once a year, it was a very bad experience.

     Great article writing, thank you.Shai.

    • Hi Shai,

      Why does it take for something like getting really sick, to teach us?  I too years ago got sick, and it was awful.  3 weeks in the hospital.  That’s when I vowed never, ever again.  A yearly flu shot it a must, just like a yearly physical, and dental cleaning..

      You have a healthy winter Shai,



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