Paper Towel Holder – Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount with Rounded Finial, 14-Inch


Name: Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder w Rounded Finial – 14″ (5136780)paper towel holder, paper, holder, paper

Company Name: Kamenstein

My cost: $8.99 (free 2-day shipping)

I purchased mine on Amazon

Comes with: 1 paper towel holder and hardware to mount to wall or under cabinet

Colors: black, silver (is $6.00 more)

My rating: 10/10


Perfect Tear Technology – the patented ratchet system stops paper towel rolls from unraveling. And it also helps you tear off one piece at a time, as well as however much you’re wanting to use.

For every room in your home – with its wall mount it can be mounted literally in any room. Office, baby’s room, garage, workroom, craft room, etc.

Fits Any Size Paper Towel Roll – from regular size rolls all the way to jumbo size rolls.

Replace Paper Towel Rolls Easily – simply slide on or slide off. And very secure.

Extremely Easy to Mount. Horizontally or Vertically. Under a cabinet or wall. The mounting hardware is included.

My Review

I recently bought a standing paper towel holder, because I had always wanted one. Unfortunately, after less than a week I began to no like it so much. I either could not get the roll to turn or when I could I was unable to tear the paper towel off the roll. After several times of knocking it over, or having winding up with too much paper towels, I went back to the store looking for a new paper towel holder.

This is when I choose the Kamenstein Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder. I had hubby install it under a cabinet, because we have very little counter space, and he had it installed in under 5 minutes! We both went to use it and we both were very surprised at how well it worked. It tore the amount of paper towel that we were going for. And with the clicking ratchet system, it was easy to tear off. Not ripping, unraveling, and paper towels rolled effortlessly on the holder. I absolutely LOVE it.

Our oldest daughter came to visit, and when she used it, she turned to her room-mate and smiled, then had her room-mate try it. LOL They both made a face at one another as if to say “I like that!” I bet you can guess what one of her Christmas presents will be this year.


  • clicking noise is not loud
  • decent price -$8.99 (my stand cost me $16.00 and that was at Walmart)
  • easy to install
  • easy to tear off
  • holds any size paper towels we’ve bought thus far
  • space saver
  • we’ve had it over a year now and still works like it did the first day


  • None, so far.– and we’ve had it now, for over a year


I am very satisfied with this product. It does exactly what it is designed for. I got it in the color black, but being that it’s mounted under my cabinet, you can’t really notice it’s color. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

My rating 10 out of 10.

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  1. Very thorough review, it answered my questions, how to install and what equipment. The personal story makes the product more appealing. I could definitely use one of these.


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