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Over my many years, I have seen the medical industry/business/field explode!  Before my time,  folks bartered with their doctors to get treatment. Today we go to a different doctor for each ailment. It can get crazy! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start takin back control of my own healthcare. If, I […]

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Are You a Baby Boomer? (80s)

Welcome, Baby Boomer!  Did you know, that baby boomers are retiring later in life?  And we are traveling a lot once we are retired.  Did you know we spend the most money, in almost all areas of life?  Baby boomers tend to be more educated, smart, and very driven-especially in the workforce. So let’s take […]


Are You a Baby Boomer? (70s)

Baby Boomers have been called many things, but they are best known for being very dedicated to their job, and passionate about their work. They are very hard workers. They aren’t afraid to go that extra mile. Who they are, comes from that hard work and all their achievements. They are very confident and pride […]


Are You a Baby Boomer?? (60s)

Are you a Baby Boomer?? Were you born between 1946 to 1964?? Baby Boomers were born during the post-war World War II baby boom. There are over 76 million baby boomers. Females outnumber the males. Probably because they outlive males. The largest generation in American history at the time. Today that number is rivaled by […]

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The Basic Facts of CBD Oil

Here are the basics of CBD Oil. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can answer your question of, is CBD oil for me?? I had heard the name CBD Oil, but never really gave it much thought. Then last year, I had a friend that told me about it, and how she and her husband […]

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Are You Ready for Winter??

Are you ready for winter?? I know I’m sure not. I prefer the summer. Always have, even as a kid. But, I find, as I get older, I dislike winter even more. Between my arthritis, having to bundle up and then driving in it? Ah, no…it’s for the birds. BUT most birds fly south for […]

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Most Sought Out Destinations for Retirees PART I

Are you a traveling retiree?? Are you looking for some of the most sought out destinations? Maybe some of the below destinations are on your bucket list. Or are you waiting to retire and you’re dreaming about traveling?? Do you have destinations on your bucket list??  Get out that pen, cause there may be more […]

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Reminder to Get Your Flu Shot!

If you’re one of the millions that get a flu shot every year, well if you haven’t done it yet, this is just a friendly reminder; get your flu shot! 🙂 Ever since I was put on Enbrel, now Humira I get my flu shot, every year. And every 5 years my pneumonia shot. My […]

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I want to start this out by giving a definition of the word stress, just so we’re all on the same page here: Stress: is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. That meaning is pretty accurate.  And we all have stress in our lives. It’s […]

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Finding Happiness, Forgiveness, Joy, & Purpose

It’s a fact, we’re getting older.  But, being happy is a choice you have to want to make. It’s not always easy, but that can be said about a lot of things in life. Right? Often, when my husband and I would go out to eat, I would see couples, our age and older, eating […]

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Improve Your Memory

As we age, our memory seems to become an issue. Some more so than others.  Has it happened to you???  Its happened to me, for quite some time now. And I keep saying to myself that I have to do something! It’s more than just walking in a room, and forgetting what I went in […]



I debated writing this article about jokes. Then I remembered a past article I wrote, “The Best Medicine“. It focused on how laughter can often be the best medicine. What better way to get a dose or two, of that medicine than by reading some jokes. I’m game, are you?? I will keep them clean. […]


What Do You Do For Halloween??

What do you do for Halloween?? Besides the usual Halloween parties, with family, friends or co-workers. Passing out candy, or taking the grandchildren out for trick or treating. Or like my husband and I, after the kids were too old to go trick or treating, we passed out candy to the neighborhood kids. As large […]


Do You Have Enough Money to Retire?

Do you have enough money to retire? Some people 50 and beyond, were able to save for their retirement. Now they have a sizable nest egg, and they can afford to retire comfortably. But many of us aren’t as lucky. For whatever reason, many of us did not have the luxury to save money. Or […]