My Review on Keen Women’s Newport H 2 Sandals

As I mentioned before, I do extensive research on anything I buy from the web. I mean, can’t feel it, hold it, try it on, etc. So I rely on customer reviews. And this is why I am giving my personal review on a pair of Keen Women’s Newport H 2 sandals.

Women’s Newport H 2 Sandals

Keen Women’s Newport H 2 Sandals

My cost: $89.99

Where I Bought Mine:

Sizes: 5-11M (US)

Colors: vary

My rating: 4/10

The fabric in this sandal is polyester. Including the webbing upper.

Rubber sole, that leaves no skid marks.

These sandals can be worn on the streets, at the beach, or in the mountains. They can be worn in the water and dries relatively quickly.

My Review

I was really excited when I ordered my sandals. I stated above I did a lot of research on these sandals. We had just started coming down to Florida, and quite often. So, I wanted a pair of decent looking, yet comfortable sandals. I think I spent 3 days reading customer reviews. They are expensive, so that is why I spent so much time reading reviews. I finally ordered a pair, and I couldn’t wait till they came in. I knew these weren’t a dress sandal, and I was OK with that. I only wanted them to hide my ugly toes–thanks to my arthritis, and to be as comfortable as I read they would be.

Unfortunately, my Keen Newport H 2  was not as comfortable as I was hoping for. In fact, they were heavy. I put them on, and walked around, and told my husband that they felt clunky.

Needless to say, I kept thinking, that I just needed to break them in. Or maybe I just wanted to believe that I would get used to them.

I soon learned that they were just OK, for short walks. If I were going to the mall, I could wear them. Most of that time would be spent in the car. And what walking I did inside the mall, well usually isn’t all that much. A stop for lunch/dinner, and then hit a store or two.

But spending the day walking up and down the strip at Clearwater, checking out the souvenir shops and then walking down to the beach–NO.

The material used in the cloth part of this sandal is polyester. I usually avoid polyester at all costs. Thanks to hot flashes. If I had seen that before ordering, I probably wouldn’t have bought them, to begin with. If I’m looking at anything clothing/shoe related, I instantly find out what the material is, before going any further. A lesson I have learned, from ordering these sandals.

I did mention that they are heavy. Heavier than any of my other shoes. They aren’t soft at all like my Skechers tennis shoes are. The inside sole felt hard. And they are clunky feeling. I don’t know if I’m using the correct word here. Maybe clumsy feeling. I can’t recall if I had any falls due to that. Although my way of thinking is, had I taken a spill because of these sandals, I would remember it. These shoes were a disappointment for me. My reason for giving it a 4 out of 10 rating.


They are durable. After 3 years, they’re still holding up. They held up going into the ocean and rivers. My foot didn’t slip in them, and they did dry rather quickly.

The traction on these sandals is really good.

These were sized as M, yet they fit my wide foot just fine.

Good toe protection.

There are many different kinds of Keen sandals, my review is only on the Keen Women’s Newport H 2.


These shoes do have a support, but I personally found it to be too much of a support. Eventually, it would cause my arch to hurt. And one of the reasons I don’t wear these for a long period.


Clunky, they made me feel awkward as if I might trip due to the shoe. Although that never happened, I still felt the way I did.

I didn’t notice it at the time, but the material part of the sandal is made out of polyester.  I try to not buy polyester cause it tends to make me hot.


Even though I may still wear these shoes occasionally, they are definitely not my go-to sandals. I have a friend that hates it when I wear them. He says their ugly. I say, well I didn’t buy them for you. LOL

Were they worth the price tag? Oh heck no. Just because it costs more does not mean that they’re going to be a better sandal, that’s for sure.

Would I recommend them?  No.

The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. –Frank Lloyd Wright



9 thoughts on “My Review on Keen Women’s Newport H 2 Sandals”

  1. Good review! While I don’t have a pair of shoes like this, I’ve considered buying some and have tried on some similar shoes. The sole looks like it might be on the heavy side, but it would be hard to tell if they really are until they’re on your feet. Sounds like this shoe would be best for only short walking distances on the beach or short periods of wear. I’ll remember not to consider them for a significant amount of walking. Helpful info to know. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Colleen,

      I’m glad that you read my article. And you are spot on with the sole being heavy. Definitely not and all day shoe.

      Thanks for coming by and please, come by again,

  2. Thanks for sharing this review! It is so timely for me coz i`m looking for a pair of sandals which will be durable but comfy in my summer hikes and walks. It`s a good thing i`ve read this article, it`s very helpful. This is one of the sandals i am eyeing for, and i am glad you point out that though its durable there are cons i have to consider. Thanks for an honest review:)

    • Hi Hanna, I’m so glad you stopped by. If you go here, you could possible find a few recommendations..

      Please, let me know if you do find a good sandal for you summer activities. My readers would love to know.

      Please, do come again,

  3. Laura, these look like a “hiking sandal” as opposed to a sandal for regular use. I used to have a pair of Nike sandals that looked VERY similar and I could actually take them on hikes in the woods. I wonder if that’s why you found them brutal on your feet just walking around the streets?

    I bet these would make great “water walkers” to keep your feet from getting scratched/cut by glass/coral/shells at the beach.

    • Hi Dave and thank you for stopping by. You are right about it being a hiking sandal, and I knew that when I bought it. The customer reviews really had me sold on this Keen sandal, unfortunately it wasn’t for me.

      It was a great shoe in the ocean. Protected my feet well, an dried out fairly quickly.

      Thanks for the comment and please, stop by again!

  4. Laura,

    I might be confused – is this the same type of “shoe” they say is better than Crocs? I heard recently that Crocs are NOT good for our feet, and I was thinking this was the one they say is better.

    Can you set me straight?


    • Hi Rick, thanks for stopping by. I’ve not heard that about Crocs, is bad for us. Personally, my Crocs are comfier than the pair of Keens I have. BUT I don’t usually feel stable in a pair of Crocs. My balance isn’t the greatest, so I don’t need a pair of shoes that’ll hinder what balance I do have.

      Wish I could give you a better answer. I googled it, but a lot of what I found was people asking others for there opinions. When it comes down to it, to each their own I guess.

      I did hear Teva was a good brand. I just bought a pair of Skechers flip-flops, and OMG, they are so cute and thus far comfy!!!

      I hope you stop by again Rick. And that you find shoe’s that’ll work for you!!


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