How Do We Dress Now??

I’m not sure about men, but as a woman myself, I can tell you that I’ve struggled with the whole shopping ordeal now that I’m 57. It’s been longer than that. I just recently was looking for some workout clothes. Oh man, what a joke!! I mean, how am I suppose to dress now? What can and can’t I wear. HOW DO WE DRESS NOW???

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Some may say not to worry about what others think. And as long as I’m comfortable, that’s all that matters. Honestly, I do agree with all that. Still, how do we dress now, as women, when we’re 50 and beyond? I”ve done countless searches, especially on Pinterest. Some I liked, but couldn’t afford it. And some I did not like, and really couldn’t afford!!

I don’t know about you

I’ve run into one huge problem with shopping for clothing!! Practically everything that is out there are targeted towards the younger generation. I do not want those tight-fitting, low rise (remember the hip huggers?) jeans. Nor do I want a tight-fitting, low cut, belly showing top!! Oh, and let us not forget those awesome looking jeggings! NOT!!! I find it all very frustrating.

Now I have found tunic-like tops that I’ve worn the last few years. As well as some mid-rise, relaxed fitting jeans, thank goodness. But one day, I caught my image in my daughter’s full-length mirror and my long hanging, shark bite, blouse, made me look frumpy. And messy. It even made me look bigger than I am! It was not flattering at all. It can be a bit depressing.

Now, if you can pull off today’s trends, I applaud you. I am sure a few of us maybe a tad bit jealous too. But, you go, girl! (wink)

You would think as long as I’ve worked in retail, I would have some sense of fashion. I know what I like.

At our age, our bodies have changed so much! Mine sure has. For me, I guess I don’t have a style. If it fits and hides what I want it to hide, I’m game.

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below. What have you found that has helped you? What worked for you? What didn’t work? It’s OK; we’re all women here. LOL

Dressing in Our Golden Years

How do we dress??I have a walk-in closet that is stuffed full of clothes. I mean packed, to where some of my clothing winds up on my husband’s side of the closet. There’s casual clothes-jeans, t-shirts, and tops. Then there are all the work clothes that I haven’t worn in about three years, cause I no longer work. Yet I still have them. And about 85% of them no longer fit. I even have a few of the local high schools, mascots, sweatshirts. They don’t fit either. There are also the girls’ prom dresses in my closet. Don’t ask. I am sure I had a good reason for this. But heck if I can remember.

Here is my plan:

  1. Empty your closet – go through all my clothes
  2. Donate
  3. Build on what clothes I have
  4. Get back to the basics

After I do all that, I’m going to separate the clothes I’m keeping. Then, try to make outfits out of those. If I have a pair of jeans/pants without a matching top, I will go through what tops I have that have no bottoms, and hopefully, I’ll find a couple of decent outfits by doing that. Maybe I will get lucky and find seven outfits that way. Cause that’s all I plan on having. Seven to nine ‘basic’ outfits. And one or two dress outfits. That should fit in my closet.

Just this summer, part of making room, for our slightly smaller home down in Florida, I started buying an outfit or 2, at a time. One pair of shorts/jeans and one matching top/blouse. I used to buy two tops/blouses to go with each pair of bottoms I purchased. But I don’t need that many clothes. And with me no longer working, I do not have that employee discount anymore–making me have to budget what I spend on clothing.

You’ll want to add clothes that look good on you. That flatter your body, instead of making you look all baggy and frumpy. Like I’ve been doing the last five years or so. You want to wear colors that compliment your complexion. I found what colors looked good on me 15 years ago, don’t look so great on me now. It’s a whole new ball game, ladies. It’s time to explore some new clothes!!


Do I need to get into shoes?? I have about three pairs of Skechers Go Walk. One of those pairs is rather old, but those are the ones I wear when I mow the yard.

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I don’t do heels, but that’s due to my arthritis and my lack of balance. I do own a couple of pairs of dress flats. I’ll keep those. I have only one pair of sandals. I also have a pair of Nike flip-flops. And I’m keeping those! LOL

As for purses, I just started carrying a crossbody purse.  Before that, I used a small wallet.  I like having both my hands free.  Plus I bought a new phone for recently, and it no longer fits in my jeans’ back pocket. I like purses in a neutral color.   Although my latest one is burgundy.  But, I like it cause it holds my phone, small hand sanitizer, nail clippers, lipstick, driver’s license, and all the cards I use.

Places to Shop

I am all over the web looking for clothes that I can wear. There are a lot of websites that are targeted for the mature woman. Often, they are usually outrageously expensive. I do not shop at those places. But if you can, do it, cause a lot of there clothes are beautiful!

IF you have found stores/websites that cater to us golden goddesses, PLEASE leave your comments below.

My Blog Belongs to ALL of Us

So be sure to keep checking back. Say hi in the comments below. Think of my blog as a magazine. A magazine aimed towards those of us that are ready to start ‘Taking Care of Yourself.’ Are you ready to go clothes shopping??? Don’t forget to use those ‘Seniors Perks and Discounts.’ Remember if you’re spending your hard-earned money there, then ask about there senior discounts/programs. If they don’t have them, go where they do!!!

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney


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  1. Hi Laura. What an interesting idea. I hope you include men in your articles. I know that not much of the wardrobe is given over to men, but I don’t mind a few nice new clothes now and then. However, I definitely will be telling my wife about this site. I’m sure she’ll get heaps of pleasure from it, as well as crowing my side of the wardrobe a little bit more. All the best Jim

    • Hi Jim,
      And yes, your idea about men, I wrote about yesterday. Up top, it’s “Tell Me Your Story!” Give it a read. It was my husband that came up with that idea. I’d love to hear from you as well! From a mans point of view!
      We should start a clothing line, “Golden Warriors”, just kidding!

      And yes, please share the site with your wife. I hope she’ll like it!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a commnent,

  2. It seems that this article is for women only even though I love shopping and often times more than my girlfriend lol. But honestly, I love the way you described each part. Keep it up!

    • This particular article, yes. But I’d love to hear it from the male side. And you can do so by visiting my Tell Me Your Story page. I could post your story on my blog! I’d love to hear from you, and any of your experiences, living life on the flip side! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Daniel. And please come again. This site is for everyone, 50 and beyond!!


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