Hello, It’s Been Awhile

Hello, everyone! Please let me apologize for being missing for so long. I had and hoped that the year would be different. I mean it couldn’t be any worse, right?

After my diabetes, and then my kidney stone, I thought my horrible health scares were over. But sadly, I was wrong.

Toward the End of February

I woke up with this numbness in my whole right side. Now I’ve had this numbness before. been never more than 10 minutes though.

I called Tommy, but I couldn’t talk, so I hung up. I tried getting off the bed, to no avail. I tried calling Jessica from her room, but she never came back. So I lied for a bit. I wondered what was going on, and I had never thought of this….

I HAD A STROKE! And it was a pretty major one. Just about everything from being in the hospital. I either completely forgotten it, or only remembered fragments of what had happened.

I went to therapy for 10 days once I was released from the hospital. There was a big chunk that I don’t remember about any of my therapies.

Many of those early days I don’t remember. I could barely talk. And my thinking was just as jumbled up as my speech. it was a major struggle, and I found it made me feel so depressed. I seen no end in sight,

And Then There Was This Stent

I had a stent that need removed, in which was supposed to be six weeks. But then the Corona hit, and I couldn’t reach my doctor. I left messages upon messages. Then I finally reached a voicemail, and I left a message. After much voicemail tag, I reached the gal that scheduled Dr. Orr’s patients. She schedule me for that first week in August.

When they first went in to remove my stent, they had to have me come back and they remove the stent from behind my back. So I went back toward the end of August, but they could only remove part if the stent, because half of my stent had been swallowed up my a muscle.

So all in all my stent was removed, they put another stent in temporarily. And then that stent was removed by my husband, after four days.

So Right Now…

I am busy with my therapists with my therapy, and that alone has been taking up my time. My therapist have me doing OT, PT and ST.

OT is for my upper body, and next week we’ll work with therapy putty, for fine motor skills with my hands. PT is working on my lower body, particularly my right side. We are working on my balance, walking front and backwards, and a few other things. My ST is working on my speech, memory, and typing with my computer, and then publishing it to go on my blog

It is all going on but I can feel improvements already being made. I still have a way to go, but I’ll continue to push myself.

I will be adding to this post, so keep checking back.

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