Hairstyles for Women 50 and Over. And Hair Care Tips

I believe I am stuck in my mom’s generation. Where most of those I knew, who were ‘old,’ wore their hair short. So in my mind, when us boomers turned 50, the hairs suppose to go short.  Nope, not the case.

I’ve always hated short hair. Think it’s all the pixie cuts I was made to wear when I was little. Lol. When we moved to Florida, though, and I went to work, well between menopause and being in the hot, humid weather of Florida, I cut my hair short. One time I had them shave the sides some, which Tommy didn’t care for too much. But he understood why I went so short.

BUT, it’s not written in stone that one HAS to go short. There are thousands of hairstyles for women 50 and over.  Did you know that a new hairstyle can turn back the clock and make you look younger?  The Price of a shampoo, cut & style, compared to the other more expensive ways to look more youthful.  I’ll take the haircut every time!!

Long Hair

Same thing with long hair.  Once you turn 40 or 50, you have to cut that hair!!!  After I left my last job, I’ve been letting mine grow back out.  I brush it and then pull it, but not tightly, that’s a no-no- into a ponytail. So much easier, then having to do my short hair every single day.  I had to wash it, dry it, put mousse in it, and style it.  Who has time for all that?   I made time when I was working, but now, I can be ready in no time.  I love it.

But, even today, with some women, the myth remains that you can not have long hair.  Some men think that long hair is sexy.  My husband prefers me in long hair.  And my oldest daughter says I look younger with it long.  That my short hair made me look older.  Yet, our middle daughter said just the opposite.  It’s all personal taste.

I’m 58 in August, and I’m wearing long hair.  It’s just past my shoulders, but that’s ok.  I only just started getting grey hairs, well about 2 or 3 years ago.  LOL, My hair is in pretty decent condition.   I’ll be including care tips for different types of hair in my article, and I’m going to check out how to make my hair healthier.  If I try any and they work, I’ll be sure to update.  Won’t you please do the same by adding your comments below?  🙂

Gray Hair, Don’t Care

When one begins to turn gray, they say it is, then you know your hair is aging.  Gray hair can start coming in as early as your 40’s.  Usually in your fifties, during menopause.  Few are lucky and don’t start showing any gray hairs till they are 60. I wish!!  And then there are those not so fortunate, like an aunt I had, she started turning gray in her mid-thirties.  So did an uncle.

Believe it or not, gray is the new blonde.  I’ve seen younger girls coloring their hair gray.  I guess it’s the latest trend; I don’t know.  I’ve have seen on Pinterest where you can highlight your hair gray.  I like it.  But I’m not quite brave enough to try it.  Maybe when I get a little grayer.

I’m going to leave a link below to a board on my Pinterest account, where more and more women are wearing their silver locks and wearing them proudly!  It’s called ‘Gray Hair, Don’t Care!”  =)

Brittle Hair

Some of us, as we get older, tend to find our hair is more fragile.  I know I did a couple of years ago.  And my hairdresser said that I must use a conditioner.  I was using Pert 2 in 1.  He said no, I needed conditioner.  So I bought myself some and have been using it ever since.

One of my tips, now that my hair is longer, I use a wide-tooth comb in the shower, once I have worked the conditioner into my hair, I run the comb through my hair. It’s all tangle free when I step out of the shower.  My hair itself is fine, but I have a lot of it.  Makes brushing my hair easier on my hair; without having to detangle it there is less breakage.

I’ve read in many different magazines, and the reason

hair can become brittle is that it has lost its elasticity.  Sun and humidity take their toll on anyone’s hair, not just ours.

More times though, it is what we put in our hair and the hair tools we use.  Over time your hair can become brittle, stiff, which then makes it break a lot more.  We can no longer treat our hair like we did in our 20’s and 30’s.  It’s time to give your hair some TLC.

What will help with this problem is, of course, get rid of all dyes, bleaches, hair straighteners, blow dryers, etc.  Start using protein-rich hair treatments.

Biotin and silica are another way to show your hair some lovin’.  Take vitamins with these minerals; it makes your hair stronger.

The same is true for those that suffer deficiencies in biotin. When you’re not getting enough biotin in your diet, your hair tends to be dry and brittle.

Silica is great for strengthening the hair you already have.  I believe women of any age could use that tip.

By eating more fruit, protein, and vegetables.  I’m a big ice water drinker, about 32-48 ounces a day.  I read where that’s great for your hair.  Can’t go wrong with the water, it helps with a lot of other issues.

It’s been mentioned to change your shampoo and conditioner.  I read somewhere, where that is suggested to do every 3 or 4 months.  But I would think no such a great idea for us baby boomers.  But that last remark is only my opinion.

Home remedies, there are so many.  I didn’t include any, because I didn’t want you to try one, and have your hair fall out.  If I haven’t tried it myself, why would I list them here for you to try?  I wouldn’t want that done to me.

baby boomers, haircuts over 50,enjoying the second half of life,


In a sense, dryness and brittleness go hand and hand.  And I saw this as I was reading up on writing this article.  Dryness happens when we get older because due to our oil glands shrinking, therefore not producing enough oil.  Before, the oil would coat the hair.  But being older means we’re not producing enough oil to keep our hair soft like it was when we were younger.

The first thing one with dry hair should do is get your hair trim.  This way you’re not trying to repair damaged hair, you can start fresh.  I read that instead of letting your hair air dry to wrap it in a towel.  That’s the first time I’ve heard of that.

There is no need to wash your hair every day.  I don’t, but more out of the fact that I’m usually hanging around the house.  If we go somewhere, of course, it gets washed.

Vitamins also help with dryness. As well as a proper healthy diet.  Especially anti-oxidants and Omega-3s.

Argan oil has been suggested to me by many different people and hairdressers.  I’ve never tried it.  If you happen to try it, let us know what you think of it.  And if it helped you with your dry hair.  It’s all about nourishing your hair.

I’ve always rinsed my hair with more cooling water.  It’s been said it makes your hair grow faster.  It refreshes both your hair and your scalp.  I’ve been doing this off and on since high school.

Hair Thinning

hair thinning, baby boomers, haircuts over 50,enjoying the second half of life,Most of the time, hair thinning is due to menopause, when our hormones go crazy, causing an imbalance.  Specifically in estrogen and progesterone.  Hair follicles shrink, causing hair loss.

I have a couple of thin spots, but  I believe mine is due to wearing my reading glasses on my head.  Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

To help with this problem, you’ll want to nourish it with Vitamin B. Biotin works here as well, and Niacin.  Take an iron pill. The number one reason for thinning hair, low iron!  Zinc is a wonderful mineral that promotes hair growth!  You have to love that!  Eat more protein!

Get scalp messages, or do them yourself.  Maybe talk your loved one to message each other’s scalps.  It does your scalp a world of good.

If you get your haircut, have it longer on the top. That’s usually where the hair is thinnest.  I’ve also read where it was suggested to keep your hair short in length.

Use a soft brush.  Remember not to pull on your hair.

You’ll want to use a gentle yet nourishing shampoo and conditioner for your thinning hair.  Always use hair conditioner!  Especially those containing glycerin and panthenol.  They keep your hair moisturized and strengthens your hair as well.

Avoid any hairstyle that pulls on your hair, particularly your hairline.  No more heated hair tools.  Big no-no.  You want to restore your hair growth, so use products that target this problem.

Hairstyles/Haircutshair car tips, styles, cuts, hair thinning, baby boomers, haircuts over 50,enjoying the second half of life,

I didn’t want to sound like I was contradicting myself with what I said above, so I recently spoke to my hairdresser about hairstyles over 50.  Not everyone wants to wear their hair long.  Heck, I always see cute haircuts, that I’m tempted to try.  But after 57 years, I know I’ll regret cutting it, and hate having to take the time to get it all pretty looking.  LOL

My hairdresser suggested that if you go with a hairstyle, especially anything you would put in your hair, to style it.  Or any of the heated tools, etc.  GET YOUR HAIR HEALTHY FIRST!  Then get the haircut and continue to nourish that hair!!!  There is no reason why our hair can’t look fabulous just because we turn 50.  No reason at all.  But you must be diligent with your hair care if you want strong, healthy, beautiful looking hair.  Get hair car tips, styles, cuts, hair thinning, baby boomers, haircuts over 50,enjoying the second half of life,yourself a regimen and stick to it!


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hair car tips, styles, cuts, hair thinning, baby boomers, haircuts over 50,enjoying the second half of life,


>>>> Here’s that ‘Gray Hair, Don’t Care Pinterest board mentioned above.  You have to see just how beautiful gray hair is!!

We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress. Will Rogers


6 thoughts on “Hairstyles for Women 50 and Over. And Hair Care Tips”

  1. I must say that older women should not be judged when they want to feel young. My mother always keeps her hair-do top notch! She is in her 50’s and still going strong. Everything woman needs a few tips for this, because the hair is the best part of your body in women. This is the first part women would want to show off.

    This was a great read, thank you. My mother would love reading this, so I am definitely saving this for later!


    • Hi Aabidah,

      I love your attitude, and I feel the same way!  Most men a woman hair is one of the first things they notice.  Many even find it sexy.

      I think any style at any age, as long as you care for it, and do proper ‘maintenance’ any do is good for anyone 50 and over.

      Thanks for stopping by hun.  Hope your mom comes and reads my article 🙂

      =)   Laura

  2. Hi Laura, I enjoyed this post about hairstyles for women over 50.   And the hair care tips.    I always enjoy looking at pictures.  Dreaming of what type of cut I could get.    All I know for certain is that I don’t want an “old lady hair cut.”  

    I don’t’know how to define what makes an old lady hair cut.   I guess you know it when you see it.   Sometimes I wonder if it is part attitude also.   

    The lady with the pixi hair cut has short hair.  Yet, she looks young, fun and vibrant.   

    I like long hair and I’m trying to grow mine back – similar to this profile  picture.   A few years ago, I decided to get a hair cut about the length of the lady in the first picture.   I was in my 40’s.  It was fun and different.  Yet, I kind of like long hair better I think.   

    Some women that I see with long hair but they look old.   The old look is compounded because they simply don’t do much with their hair, their makeup or their clothes.    

    I’ve read that some of the models and movie stars that are about our age keep young looking hair by wearing wigs.    Christi Brinkley comes to mind.    Do you see many women in your area doing that?     I don’t know anyone in my area that admits to it if they are.   Yet, I could see the benefits if a bunch of my hair was falling out.  

    Fun post.  Thanks!

    • Hi Sondra,

      When I think of an “old lady’s haircut” I think of one who goes to the beauty salon every Friday and has her hair set.  I’m not sure why some women color their hair making it look blue-gray.  I think each person’s idea would be different.  

      I am like yourself I see so many haircuts that I think are so pretty, but from past experiences, I won’t take the time to style it, etc.  I also prefer long hair.  If an older woman decides to grow her hair long, I think it’s a must to give your hair the care it needs.  It’s not the same as when we were younger, unfortunately.  LOL

      The last job I had, I knew several gals that wore wigs.  But believe it or not, it was the younger gals.  I think I had one gal, older than myself that would wear a wig occasionally.

      Thanks for stopping by Sondra, and  hope you come back soon,
      =)   Laura

    • Hi Elaine,

      If you check out the links you’ll find some. My hair is long, and I prefer it long…but I still like looking at the shorter cuts as well.

      Thanks for stopping by hun,
      =) Laura AKA Chrissie


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