Do You Have Enough Money to Retire?

Do you have enough money to retire? Some people 50 and beyond,  could save for their retirement. Now they have a sizable nest egg, and they can afford to retire comfortably.

But many of us aren’t as lucky. For whatever reason, many of us did not have the luxury to save money. Or maybe you did, but then something major came up, and you had to use your retirement savings.

And some 50 and over do not see retirement as an option for themselves. Or some find that they had to re-enter the workforce to supplement what fixed income they had coming in.

And then there are those of us that don’t want to quit working. They are bored. Or, maybe they want to try a whole new career.  To learn something new, that could bring in some money to boot.

Supplementing Your Income

By being able to supplement your income, for the future, makes retirement a possible reality. You will be able to leave the workforce and not have to return. At least not for financial reasons.

Way too often, when one gets to retire, they also have to give up their health insurance.  Another reason for those 50 and beyond to stay in the workforce.  Currently, that is where we are.  My husband is only working so that we have health insurance.

supplementing your income, reasons, work from home, your own boss, earn an income, free trainingBy supplementing your income, it relieves the stress that comes with having to budget what income you have coming in tightly.  I remember my grandparents having debates regarding this.  Of course, they had to pay their rent, to avoid being put out on the streets.  The utilities, so they weren’t sitting in the dark. And of course, food.  After covering all of those expenses, it is usually when their debate would begin. Which of their bills needed to be paid that month, and which bills could wait another month to be paid.  It quite often put a strain on their relationship.

Supplementing your income can give you the freedom you deserve.  Go see your grandchildren that live 800 miles away.  Or better yet, pay for them to fly and come to see you, and have them stay the summer!  Fly the whole family in for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  When was the last time the entire family was together for a holiday?

Supplementing your income can let you do so many things that you were unable to do beforehand.  Possibly that dream you and your better half have, in hopes of buying a home in another state, seems more in reach now.  What about that cruise you both have talked about taking since you got married?

Other Reasons

Maybe your just tired of working to make others rich.  My husband feels this way often.  Occasionally he’ll complain how he’s busted his butt, only to make others millions of dollars.

Like myself, maybe you are not well enough to work a full-time job.  I have been waiting for disability to go through for over two years now.  The last year I’ve been waiting on a court date.  The whole process has me believing that I will be denied in the end.  Because your pain cannot be seen, it leaves people to look at you and see a well person.  Someone that is not sick.

I have many disabled friends that can no longer work.  And what assistance they get is truly a joke.  But if they can’t work, how on earth can they supplement their meager income?

Another Personal Story

Before applying for disability, I spent months trying to find a less demanding job, then retail management.  Gone were the days of being able to work long shifts.  I was unable to climb a ladder to do visuals.  When it came to unloading the truck, I was limited in what I could do.  Others had to pick up the slack. But for whatever reason, I never heard back from any employers.

So I applied for disability, and as I said above, I am still currently waiting.  I have been unable to contribute to the household since August of 2016.  I am one of the lucky ones; my husband is still able to work.  I’ll be honest with you, though, by not being able to contribute to the household income, bothers me.

But What Can I Do?

For over a year now, I have thought about working from home.  I have researched the heck out of this.  What gave me the idea was I found some openings on  Most of those jobs required me to be in one city  Or near one specific city.

And other jobs I found had requirements, such as:

  • Must have a landline for the internet.  No wifi allowed.
  • Must have a PC.  No working from your laptop
  • Must put in an 8 hour day–on their schedule
  • Must have a room/office you can work in where there is a landline phone
  • Preferred that you had a room/office where you can work from, free from any distractions–yeah, right!
  • Etc.

I currently split my time between Indiana, where most of my family lives, as well as it’s where our family home is.  Or Florida, where my ill father resides.  I wanted a job where I could work on my laptop, no matter where I was, as long as I had access to the internet.

With that in mind, I researched so many options. I found one site that promised me such and such income, and for only $1500 up to $9000!   When I would find other opportunities, I would then research the heck out of it, only to discover that it was a scam. A total rip off. Or I would find those with a lot of negative reviews made by people that tried it.  It was truly unreal!!!!!!

It became very frustrating.  But I didn’t let that stop me. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I tend to be a little on the stubborn side.  I continued looking.

Then One Day

I can not remember if I was looking for work from home jobs or what, but I found one page with a link that leads me to another, and then finally, I came upon a page for Wealthy Affiliate.  As usual, I researched it.  Now I have learned in my many years of being online, that no matter what you’re researching on if you look long enough, you will find negative reviews.  The fact that I had to do a lot of digging to find anything wrong, and it was a free starter membership, to start, I could at least check it out, right?

What It Offers

Besides being able to work on my laptop from anywhere in the world, Wealthy Affiliate offers so much more.
Training Courses
Video Training
24/7 Help and Support–365 days a year
You are Taught to Build Your Website, with Ease
Learn Ways In Which Your New Website can Earn You Money

THIS IS NOT a get rich quick scheme.  You will have to train, and then put the time in for this to work.

But this does work!!  What you put in, you will get out.  But you will be working for yourself, learning more than you could ever imagine. Anywhere, and anytime, on your schedule.  Eventually, you can be earning a full-time income if that’s what you want.

For me, I was usually online anyways, doing my hobby, checking out Facebook, or playing Facebook games.  So why not be learning new things to help me build a website, and to write content for that website, how to direct traffic to my website, and then how to make money with it.  There are over 10,000 ways in which you can earn money.

>>>> Click here for a review on Wealthy Affiliate <<<<

It Is Worth Checking Out?

Definitely!!!  I have a whole new outlook on life. I wake up feeling useful again. I have energy.  That spark is back!  I am excited to be learning something new, that can then make me an income.  Whether I want it to be a supplemental income or a full-time income, I can do that!!  I can do what I want.   I can work when I want, where I want, and what time I want!!!  I love it!!!

Do yourself a favor. Check it out.  What can it hurt?  Go here to learn even more.  There is no charge.  Read the page.  Check out the free training and see for yourself.  Is this something that might interest you?

If you have any questions about anything, ask in Live Chat.  Or ask on the forum. Look me up over there, I go by LCEndahl, and I will help you as much as possible.

The community itself is life-changing.  Nothing like I have ever seen!  A very supportive, friendly, and positive group of people that want to see you succeed!!!  Everyone helps from success stories to members training and so much more.  I could go on and on but see for yourself.

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True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. -Kurt Vonnegut


10 thoughts on “Do You Have Enough Money to Retire?”

  1. Hi Laura,
    Indeed luck plays a massive part of our success and WA is for me being a newbie is far the best program i have joined, and yes i have been burnt.

    • Hi Dave, thanks or stopping by. And sorry you got burnt. What comes to mind, lol rather odd, but that old saying about kissing a lot of frogs till you find your prince/princess. We need a saying for this. LOL
      Hope you stop by again, soon!

  2. I am so excited that you got your ‘spark’ back! I can relate as I have had a hard time working for the last seven years. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best website host that I have come across. The community is always so helpful and willing to advise any that ask. I tried some of the work at home through the years, and I have yet to find one that is legit. Thank you for some much-needed inspiration! Good Luck to you!

    • Hi Colleen, I’m so happy you found inspiration from my post. So often we can get bogged down by life, and we lose sight. Or I tend to. And this feeling I’ve been experiencing, I don’t plan on losing it anytime soon. 🙂
      So glad to see you stop by, and thanks. Come again,

  3. I really love this post Laura. I am a WA member myself and I got to say this program is life changing. It is full of supportive community who are willing to help you success no matter what. I would definitely recommend this program for everyone who want to build a passive income.

    • Hi Kuu,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve heard many people say they have tried other similar programs to WA, only to be disappointed and/or ripped off. WA is straightforward, and what it says they’ll offer you, they deliver!!
      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Nice post!

    I was so happy when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I had looked into a few other websites that I just couldn’t get behind. I definitely know what you mean on getting burnt out. I have my moments where I don’t even want to be in front of this screen but I keep pushing forward. It will pay off.

    • Hi Brandon,
      Yes, we definitely need to keep plugging away. WA somehow helps me do just that. It always has me thinking! LOL I woke up one night, around 3:00am, and jotted down an idea for an article!! LOL
      Thanks for stopping by Brandon, and the very best to you,

  5. Hi Laura, this was a great article. I really love that you gave an in depth insight into some of your personal obstacles. I found myself relating to you so much. I too found something great to do from home. I searched for a LONG time, and like you found SCAM after SCAM. It was discouraging, but it says a lot about who we are that we didn’t quit until we found something to be truly excited about! I also wanted to say I read a few of your posts, and found them all to be so helpful and interesting. Keep going because I can see you will help many people. Always, Heather

    • Hi Heather, and thank you for your kind words. It means a lot. We are both very blessed to have found something that makes us feel good about ourselves. And we are NOT quitters!!! Go US!!!
      I’m happy you were able to relate. It makes one feel so not alone. You know what I mean?

      Thank you for stopping by. And I hope you check back often,


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