Do You Have a Bucket List???

Sometimes when one turns 50, they look back on the first half of their lives. I know I did. So did my husband. He did a lot of the what if’s and should’ve, could’ve. Since there isn’t anything you can do to change the past,  let us look to the now, as well as the future. Right? I think it is normal.  But you can start a list at any age; 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on.

You’re 50 or beyond!! You are 50 or over!! That it is a privilege. But most of us don’t see it that way.

Brief question…Do you have a bucket list??  We don’t either. But I plan to touch on this in this blog post.


When I first turned 50, I started examining where I was at in my life. Where hubby and I were at. I had those same thoughts of I wish I had done this or that. Can’t do anything about it now, though.  Right?

We talked about both family and friends that saved their whole life, for retirement. Made plans to travel, or sell their home and move to Arizona, and then one of the spouses gets sick, or worse, one passes away.  We didn’t want that happening to us!

Unfortunately, what little we did have in savings always got used when Tom was laid off. Sadly when my husbands’ father passed away, he left some money for all of his kids. That was when we bought our home in Florida. Paid for it in cash, no mortgage to worry about, and it is where we’ll retire, eventually.

Even though my husband and I aren’t in the best of health, we are not dead yet. And who says we have to wait till retirement to start enjoying ourselves now??

So at around the age of 54, we decided to start enjoying our lives now! The kids are gone, living their own lives. So why the heck not???

What Would You Like to Do?Do you have a bucket List, The Senior Life, 50 and beyond, travel, skiing, adventures, experiences, ideas, fun, explore

Yesterday when Tom and I were at the beach, I told him that I wanted to write this article. However, I was having an awful time writing it.

When I told him it was about Bucket List, he said that ought to be a good topic.

Then I asked him, how about we start our bucket list? I named a few things, and he came up with a couple. Besides, I can be a significant pain in, the you know where, if need be. So we did discuss it.

Starting Out

Lots of times, we wait too long to think about making a bucket list. When something life-altering happens to you or even someone you may know. It makes you stop and think. Especially if given a second chance. That’s what happened to me. And that is why I am all gung-ho about making our list. I’ve seen all kinds of different names for this list, so name it what you want.

There is no better time than while you’re alive to make such a list. Right?? It helps some people to look at this list as things I’d like to do before I die. Or things I’d like to do while I’m still alive! As I said, call it what you want.

Writing down this list makes it more tangible. Like a goal, that gets you thinking of ways on how to reach said goal. Something to work for. A to-do list, instead of wishful thinking.

I won’t go into the financial side of this. You know your finances better than anyone. And please do not allow yourself to not make a list because of this. Just tailor it for you and/or your loved one, as well as your budget. And please, continue to read, because I will not only be including our list but giving some great ideas as well. Maybe they’ll get you going on your bucket list!! Are you getting excited yet?? No????

You don’t have to wait until you’re 50 to make a Bucket List, either. The sky is the limit here. “Things I’d like to do before I am 30, or 40, or 50 or 60 and so on”. But this particular article is just for us Golden Warriors. I have seen folks, with such long lists, that have multiple bucket lists broken down into seasons. Or “With Family,” “Without Family,” Those are doable too. Just start making that list.

Think of all the things you thought you’d like to do, but was too busy raising a family and/or working your job. Or when you have the money, you’ll do it.

I remember my husband telling his dad when asked when we were going to start having kids, and Tom said we couldn’t afford to at that time. His dad said, “Tom, one is never financially ready to have kids. You just do it, and figure it all out as you go”. Within a year, we had our first daughter. Not intentionally, though, just worked out that way!

Anyways, the kids are gone now, so you can’t use them as an excuse anymore. Maybe you’re still working. Or in our case, my hubby is still working. I work from home, so we plan things around all of that. It is doable. Will we get our list done in a year? No, but we are in no rush. And I’m sure we will continue to add to this list. Bucket lists do not have a deadline. It is an ongoing list.

Sit down and make a list. And have your loved one make a separate list. Once done, both of you go over each other’s list and combine what is doable/reachable for you both. I’d love to go water skiing, but I know my legs are not strong enough for that. But, I can maybe work on building up my strength, and who knows what I’ll be able to do then. IF I can never get them strong enough, we can try a canoe in a cave in Kentucky. Be flexible. Be realistic. AND HAVE FUN making it!!!

If your list becomes really long, you can always try putting them in categories. There is no right or wrong way. Know what is obtainable and realistic for you and/or your loved one. Remember always to keep that in mind. Better to be safe than sorry.

Years ago, I knew a gal that started her Bucket list with a fishbowl. She would write down on a sticky note, whenever she got an idea and threw it in the fishbowl. It got quite full too. After about a year, she went through her fishbowl. Threw away the ones she had already accomplished then did the same thing to those that no longer appealed to her. From there, she wrote down her list. It was a long list, so she made categories i.e. Winter Bucket List, Summer Bucket List, Travel Bucket List, Family Bucket List, and so on.

Did you know that HAVING a Bucket ist can improve your life!!!!! Life is short…too short. Get over those fears. Know your limitations, and then DO IT!! Start now!! Well, finish my article and then start!!!  >smiles<

Ask yourself, what are the things I would like to do this half of my/our life??? I hate to do this, but must I remind you that our time is limited. Live every day with a purpose!! You don’t need money to do this!!!!

When you think along these lines, it gets you to thinking! It makes you think of what it is YOU want to do with your life!

Remember?? It IS our time!! Time to make new memories. Experience new things. Learn. Touch. Taste. MOVE!!! Get excited for the second half of our lives. We have nothing holding us back. And if you say money, that’s just an excuse.

Years ago, when the girls were little, we’d go to the mall. They would ride those kiddie rides that would cost a dime. And Tom and I would people watch!! We didn’t need much money to do that! If you have issues with your health, as I do, tailor your list to suit you. Just do it!!!

Do you have a bucket List, The Senior Life, 50 and beyond, travel, skiing, adventures, experiences, ideas, fun, exploreA bucket list gets you moving! It helps you to focus on you and your loved one!! Motivates you and gets you excited. Get out of your comfort zone and start your bucket list. It makes you more exciting, cause you’ll have all these remarkable experiences to share with family and friends. Just imagine the stories you can tell your grandkids!

You’ll start feeling accomplished as you start checking those things off of your bucket list!! It will and can improve your life!!

Be an example to family and friends. Adventures, pictures, and stories that carry on long after we’re gone!!

Some Things to Ponder

Ask yourself, if you had one month to live, what would you like to do? To some, this may not be what one wants to think about, but it does get you to start thinking.

Is there someplace you’ve always wanted to take your loved one? This person doesn’t always have to be a spouse/partner. It could be a best friend, parent, grandkids, or brother/sister.

Maybe you want to go to Italy. It’s where your grandparents are from. Try their traditional foods and experience their culture. How about Ireland, Greece, North Dakota, Maine, Oregon, or Louisiana?  Whatever works for you!

Did you ever have a honeymoon? If so, go back there. You may not have gotten to see all the sights, cause you guys stayed in your room the whole time. (tongue-in-cheek here (hehehehe) If you guys never really got around to it, we didn’t, go now. I mean, what is stopping you? That’s going on our bucket list–to go to Jamaica!

What about going to the place where you proposed? Or where you told your husband, you were pregnant. Tom and I met at Busch Gardens in Richmond, Virginia. And yeah, that’s on our bucket list too!

What has been your biggest dream? Don’t have one, well start thinking about it now.

Start a journal. Do you have a bucket List, The Senior Life, 50 and beyond, travel, skiing, adventures, experiences, ideas, fun, exploreSomething that your grown kids can share with their children one day.  What about a gratitude journal?  Stories of the funny things your kids did when they were young.  We have one, where Kelsey was about a year old and was jumping up and down on the couch. I can’t recall why Tom and I were laughing, but that just seemed to make her jump higher and higher, until she landed in the trash bin, behind, and kind of upside down.  It wasn’t funny then, well, maybe a little.  But it sure is hilarious now!  And the look on her face!  Priceless.

Let’s say tonight your get granted three wishes, what would they be??

If money or health were not an issue here, what would you like to do?

Walk/Kiss in the rain. Jump in the puddles, or hop.

Go hiking in that State Park you’ve always thought about going to.

What about something adventurous? Whitewater rafting? Hot Air Balloon?

Do you have a bucket List, The Senior Life, 50 and beyond, travel, skiing, adventures, experiences, ideas, fun, exploreGo see a natural wonder. The Northern lights. Niagara Falls, NY. Grand Canyon, AZ. These two are going on our list. Going to Redwoods, CA, to see the tallest trees in the world!! And Mammoth Cave, KY.

Work on a huge jigsaw puzzle. Five hundred pieces, or even a thousand pieces!!

Go skydiving, parasailing, rent a boat & take a voyage.

Go snowboarding! As I said, the sky is the limit. THINK outside the box!

Start a herb garden. A lot of these can be one inside.

Or how about a rose bed. WAIT, put rose petals on your bed!! Can you imagine the smell!!!??!? I know I’m getting a tad bit carried away, but why not?

What about leaving a love note on the bathroom mirror? Not everything on your list needs to be grand. Little things like this mean so much more to the receiver then to you. But you might just put a smile on their faces that day. The little things are just as awesome!  When my husband goes out of town to work, he hides notes for me to find.  They’ll say he loves me, and he misses me.  Or he’s thinking of me.  And it does, it puts a smile on my face!

What about making bread or pasta from scratch??

Try new food! Step out of your comfort zone and EXPLORE!!!

Attend a new event, opera, or a play.

Try new activities. One of ours is going kayaking.  (completed 9/18/18!)

There’s also a cave in Kentucky, can’t remember which, where you can ride a horse inside the caves. Another you can canoe in. Those last two are already on our list.

Call those friends you ran around with before you married. Or those you haven’t seen since before you had kids. Reconnecting can always be fun! We’ve already done this once. I went and had dinner with two brothers that we hadn’t seen in over 32 years!! Oh, the memories we talked about. LOL, We had a lot of good times.  And then good times they remembered, yet we didn’t.  Or visa versa.

IF you won a $100,00 lottery, what are some of the things you would do??

Wine tasting.

Oh, how about winemaking??

Ride a dog sled. Go ice-skating, snowboarding! If you’re healthy enough to do these things, then DO IT!!! Do it now while you’re healthy enough to do it!!! You don’t want to be on your deathbed, thinking of all the things you wanted to do but never did. No regrets!!!!

Take lessons. Your list can be endless! From salsa dancing to wine and art! From cooking to learning a new language!

Heck, go skinny dipping. It may not look pretty, but once you’re in the water, who cares??? Don’t overthink it, just do it. And don’t talk yourself out of it. But also make sure there are no law officials nearby unless you think you can outrun them!

Become an organ donor.

Run or walk in a marathon! Walk for a cure or a charity. Or run, lol

This can truly be an endless list. Never-ending. Always changing. Check out the link below for 1000s of ideas!
The Ultimate Bucket List

What Will You Put on Your Bucket List?

We don’t have a list written down yet, but we’ve been brainstorming. We’ve been talking about one for the last couple of days, and I am so excited!!

Today we went up to a state park called Crystal River. OMG!! It was beautiful!! A swimming area. A place to launch your Kayak. We got so wrapped up in what we were doing, we headed to Rural King and priced some Kayaks. I would rather have a double-seater, Kayak. They didn’t have any, though. But we’re only looking for now anyway. Got to stash some cash and save for it. I’m good at stashing money. LOL

After reading the above ideas, or clicking on the link above. Does it have you thinking now??? Like I said, it has both of us stoked!

I would love to hear your bucket list ideas!! Share them, please. I’d love to see what is on everyone’s bucket list. I’ll be starting ours below. After I start it, I will update it often. Oh hey, they even have apps for your Bucket List:

Do you have a bucket List, The Senior Life, 50 and beyond, travel, skiing, adventures, experiences, ideas, fun, explore

Tom & Laura’s Butt-kick List

– Kick butt while we still can!

    • Go Kayaking!  (completed 9/18/18)
    • Pan for gold in the Yukon River
    • Jet skiing
    • Drive over to Daytona Beach (east coast), to watch the sunrise, having breakfast.  Start heading back to the west coast.  Have a late lunch, and then walk the beach  & watch the Sunset. On the same day!!!
    • Horseback tours in Mammoth Cave, KY
    • Dolphin Cove and swim with the dolphins!
    • Go to Busch Gardens in Richmond, VA (it’s where we met!)
    • Tent camping in Brown County State Park.
    • Carribean Cruise
    • A week in the Florida Keys with all the girls and their better halves! (Grandchildren if’n we have them by then)
    • Go to Jamaica
    • Redwoods CA to see the Redwood trees!
    • Drive to Alaska
    • Visit my old neighboorhood in Brooklyn, NY
    • Visit every public gulf coast beach in Florida.  We’ve already begun this one
    • Grow my hair long again
    • Go wherever the ocean is turquoise

    It’s a start….for now. I will be updating it. And I’m checking out one of those apps, so when an idea pops in my head, I’ll enter it in my Bucket List app.


    Ok, your turn, in the comments below, start your Bucket List, if you like.
    Share it with us all here. Or add some ideas.
    Heck, tell us your story about crossing one-off, of your Bucket List!!

  1. I can honestly say I love getting older. Then again, I never put my glasses on before looking in the mirror. — Cherie Lunghi

12 thoughts on “Do You Have a Bucket List???”

  1. There are so many things in this world that I would like to experience. It is almost impossible to list them all. I will have to start small. I know my husband has already started making a list of things he wants to do. Neither of us are in our fifties yet but we are getting there. One of his life long dreams is to drive across the United States without using any of the Interstate road system. Just back roads and old highways. It will certainly take some work just to plan it out and then there is the time involved to actually accomplish it. We will have our hands full but it should be great fun.

    • Hi Maryann. I agree, that does sound like great fun. Maybe add stops a long the way off places you’d like to visit, or do. See? I love the bucket list idea—it just makes me think and get all pumped up. LOL
      And yanno you don’t need to be any certain age to start a bucket list. And you can have more than one!! i.e. Our bucket list before we turn 40. Or 45! Things I want to do this winter. Got to think outside the box! LOL Here I am getting into helping you make your list. HAHA

      Thanks for stopping by and please stop by again to share more of your bucket list(s) ideas,

  2. I think it is important to have a bucket list and as you said when I think about if I had one month to live… I can decide what I will do better. I guess I would go to London and visit a lot of museums. Of course that is just one of many things which I wanted to do.

    • Awesome idea–London. My husband and I were just discussing adding a stay in London to our list.

      And I never even thought of museums. Thanks for your ideas!

      And thank you for stopping by, I hope you do again,

  3. This is a great post to get me started on my bucket list. I am going to be 36 years old in a few days, so I want to accomplish a lot of things myself before I am 50. I would like to travel the world. I would like to meet another person and start a romantic relationship, someone who will be a good step father role to my son, because I do want another child…. I want it to be a happy family, I want to get my own place, I want to make my business successful, etc, etc…. right now I am in still the “manifesting” stage. I am visualizing my success, while physically working towards making my goal a reality. You just reminded me to drink more water, and to take care of myself, because I have a history of cancer in my family. My grandmother passed away at 53, and my mom is a survivor of breast cancer, she is 58 – God bless her. I love my family. I want to be around for a while. I have a son and I would like to see my grandchildren, etc. I need to achieve success first.

    • Hi Sophia,

      I am truly sorry to hear about your grandmother. And GO Mom!! I lost both my grandmother and mother to cancer, so I understand how you feel.

      I’m glad I was able to light a fire under you…it’s exciting. And everything you are waniting is beautiful. I have 3 daughters, all wanting some or all of what you are. I will most certainly keep you in my prayers.

      Remember to never forget that you do DESERVE all of those things you would like, as well.

      And you keep on visualizing girl!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will again,

  4. What a great post! In these busy life it makes me realize how short it is and how important to make memories! Awsome idea to ma a bucket list with your spouse/ partner. I’m gonna start mine tomorrow 😉

    • Thank you for your kind words. And this is great news. I am so happy to hear you say this! Exciting isn’t it????
      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will stop by again to share your husband and your’s bucket list. I’d love to hear about it!!

  5. This is a great post to remind us all that life is too short. whether you truly enjoy your life or not it will come to an end but if we learn to appreciate our good experiences and learn from our bad ones, we are on the right track. It’s best to live in the present and not worry so much about the future or past.

    Well, my husband and I decided to enjoy our lives as much as we could before having our 3 kids. although I’m in my 40’s now and my hubby in his 50’s we have traveled A LOT. Sometimes, I look back and say the opposite: why didn’t we have our kids when we were younger and travel now instead. Either way, it doesn’t make much of a difference except now we need to ask our kids where they want to go 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this great post.


    • Hi Sierra,

      Kids are great, no matter when you have them. Perhaps you can start making another bucket list, for after the kids are grown & on their own.

      Thanks for your wise words, your kids have a smart mom!

      And thanks for stopping by.

      Come again,

  6. I think a lot of people sit back and look at their life at 50 and have regrets. Maybe, they should have done stuff didn’t differently. But, like you said you really can’t change the past. Instead you must live in the present instead of dwelling on the past.

    I believe Kristen Bell coined the phrase choose happiness over suffering. It’s one of the principles that I live by.

    I’m only 34, but I have spent a lot of my life wishing I would have done things differently. When I sit back and think of it that was a lot of wasted time.

    • I think we are guilty of dwelling on the past, at one time or other. I think it is wasted energy, that can be targeted on something more positive.

      I like that quote from Kristen Bell! You are wise beyond your years Garen. Thanks for stopping by.

      I hope you stop back by again soon,


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