Could Medical Marijuana be for You?

I want to start my article by stating that I am not a doctor. Nor can I prescribe Medical Marijuana (MM).  The information below is information I found during my research on the subject of medical marijuana.  Please keep that in mind when you are reading my article below

Could medicinal marijuana be for you?  What are your thoughts on the use of medical marijuana?  I would love to hear from you.  In my research, I’ve come across a lot of articles that stated more and more baby boomers are turning to medical marijuana. And in states where it’s not legal, some smoke street marijuana.  Tell me what you think of that. I’m just interested in what my readers think. You can leave your comments below. I would appreciate it.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana uses the chemicals found in the marijuana plant. Hundreds of chemicals are called cannabinoids, and it is those different chemicals that help with various diseases and illnesses.

THC and CBD are the main two chemicals used in medical marijuana. There are many ways in which you can take medicinal marijuana, and each carries a different amount of time before it takes effect. And some offer relief longer than others. Medicinal Marijuana usually does not have enough THC in it to get you that “high” feeling.

We have a friend that uses MM for his back, a recent car accident. And he claims to get a high from it, but not the kind most people would generally get from regular, what I call street marijuana.  He says it relaxes him.  Nothing wrong with that.

Here are ways that you can take MM is up to you, discuss the ideas with your doctor:

  • Smoke it
  • Vape it. Use a vaporizer device, which turns the medicine to a mist.
  • Under your tongue, use a few drops, holding it there as described. (I use a CBD tincture that I use 3 to 5 drops under my tongue and staying there for 30 seconds before swallowing. The effects are relatively instant for me.)
  • Edibles that you can eat. Examples are lollipops, gummy candies, brownies, etc.
  • A topical lotion/cream that you apply to the skin in a cream, lotion, oil, or spray.

Conditions that Medical Marijuana May Help

As I stated above, I am not a doctor.  Nor can I prescribe Medicinal/Medical Marijuana, (MM), I am only sharing the research information that I found, with you. Now with that said, I would like to start sharing with you what I found.  Who knows, you might decide to give MM a try.  Or not.

Of course, MM is not legal in all states.  And then, some states have legalized both MM and recreational use of marijuana.  Below is a list of the most common conditions, but believe it or not, those conditions differ from state to state.

I, myself, went to an MM doctor for my PsA, (psoriatic arthritis), and for $250, he told me that my condition wasn’t coveredmedical marijuana and seniors, seniors thoughts on medical medical marijuana what conditions it's good for, marijuana, medical marijuana for seniors as a condition in the state of Florida. And therefore, he could not prescribe it. I began to cry. My pain would continue, with no relief whatsoever. The anger that I felt, it took all I had to keep in under control.

I was so devastated and felt so desperate. I was at my wit’s end, trying to get my opioid prescriptions filled.  Pharmacy after pharmacy refused to fill my script, and it was why I turned to visit an MM doctor.

Around this time, is when I gave CBD oil a try. You can read my story if you’d like to learn more about CBD oil, “The Basic Facts of CBD Oil.” If you live in a state where MM remains illegal, or you’re not into trying MM, I urge you to try CBD oil. It has worked wonders for my pain from PsA. I haven’t used any opioids in the last 15 months! CBD oil, without THC, is available. Read my other article to learn more about CBD oil.

Please, keep in mind that medicinal marijuana does not cure any conditions that I know of. I will include any information on this matter if I learn of any.

Common Conditions Medical Marijuana is Usually Prescribed For:

  • Arthritis – There are over 100 different kinds of arthritis. The top popular ones, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA), can get MM scripts.
  • Cancer – Research shoes that the THC and found in cannabis, can increase appetite in most patients. That alone helps in so many ways, affecting all areas of one’s life. MM dramatically reduces the harshness of many symptoms a patient can experience as well as improving their quality of life. It helps many with the nausea feeling that is usually experienced from chemotherapy.
  • End of Life – can be an effective treatment for many conditions. Including, physically, mentally/emotionally, and even spiritually. They are improving their overall quality of life.
  • Epilepsy – Studies have been shown that individuals with petite mal to grand mal seizures, from mild, to intense duration MM have been effective in shortening the length, as well as the severity of seizures. I have heard in some cases where MM can help control seizures, where traditional seizure medication did not.
  • HIV/Aids – The many symptoms that a patient can suffer from, with their treatments. Medical marijuana helps with those symptoms, which may include anorexia, anxiety, improvement with appetite, nausea, pain, and weight loss – to name just a few.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Medical marijuana has many health benefits for those suffering from IBS and Crohn’s Disease. Studies have also shown that MM helps significantly with those suffering from depression.
  • Insomnia – Medical marijuana helps with many sleeping disorders. It helps one to fall asleep faster and helps one to get a good night’s rest.
  • Multiple Sclerosis – Any medicines containing cannabis significantly reduces pain as well as spasms suffered by patients with MS.
  • Spinal Cord Disease – These may include MS, spina bifida, spinal stenosis, syringomyelia, which are examples of SCD. Cannabis-based medicines help to ease spasms and pain, the most known issues from SCD.
  • Spinal Cord Injury – affects motor skills, eventually leading to a loss in parts of the body. MM helps in the treatment of pain and the spasms, which are usually what an individual suffering from a spinal cord injury, SPC.  Also, cannabis-based medicines have been shown to help improve neurogenic symptoms, where traditional meds haven’t worked/helped.

medical marijuana and seniors, seniors thoughts on medical medical marijuana what conditions it's good for, marijuana, medical marijuana for seniors


Additional qualifying conditions that may be available in your state are:

  • Alzheimer’s (agitation from)
  • Arthritis
  • Cachexia
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Chron’s Disease
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis C\Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Migraines
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Severe and Chronic pain
  • Severe nausea
  • Severe psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis

If medical marijuana is legal in the state you currently reside in, you must now be diagnosed with an ailment that is on your state’s qualifying medical conditions.  I have a link below you can click on to check out your state’s rules.

Use is on the Rise

Many different articles that I read claimed that medical marijuana use is on the rise, especially with baby boomers. It’s not surprising that baby boomers are open-minded about it. In that same study, it was claimed that 55% of those participants had tried marijuana at least once in their life. Out of any other generation, baby boomers are more knowledgable about marijuana.

How much is MM on the rise?? It is stated that four out of five Americans, ages 50 through 80, support both the legalization of MM and the use of MM. For those asked in one study that said they did not, nor would they use MM, about 18% of them said that they did know someone who used MM.

Many baby boomers either worry or have experienced severe side effects from pharmaceutical medications. Therefore they try MM. Others prefer more herbal/natural remedies. And with the crackdown on opioids, many turned to medical marijuana.

Sadly in a couple of articles I read, the fact that heroin use is on the rise as well due to the difficulty of obtaining pain meds legally. As well as a rise of heroin use in states where MM is illegal, heroin is usually a popular sought out drug for pain. The cut down on the opioid epidemic, and now we have a higher epidemic with another dangerous drug. But it is not the only illegal street drug that is used.

Many will buy prescription drugs, as well. I believe this is why the government cracked down on the use of opioids in the first place.

Alcohol is another substance many baby boomers turn to and use. I plan on writing an article on this matter shortly. So be sure to keep checking back.

medical marijuana and seniors, seniors thoughts on medical medical marijuana what conditions it's good for, marijuana, medical marijuana for seniorsEverywhere I looked, I see where MM use is on the rise. That us baby boomers are embracing it. Maybe it’s because there have been no reported deaths from medical marijuana. But 19,000 deaths are reported a year from opioids. That’s a scary number.

Now, I am sorry, but MM cannot be good for your lungs. Why do I say this? I’ll tell you the same thing I told my husband, inhaling anything that is not part of the human body is not good for it. Mind you, this is just my opinion, but I feel it be is true.

Also, the fact that medical marijuana has become more mainstream. With the stigma of smoking marijuana being removed, that too is making a choice to turn to MM even more appealing.

And it does work. I’ve talked to several different people, and they swear by it. I am talking about one young gentleman who had a fishing boat engine blow up in his face, leaving him blind and in severe spastic pain from an injury to the spinal cord from that same explosion. He says it helps him from his anxiety, and in alleviating the pain to a level that he can tolerate. I know another gentleman that sits on the board of directors at a big hospital here in Florida. He uses MM for his panic attacks and anxiety. Another fellow I know, in the healthcare injury, smokes MM so that he can walk/sit/stand without the horrible pain in his back that was sustained in a car accident.

I will not debate whether MM works or not. Or whether it is for you or a loved one. That is a decision that you and/or your loved one and a licensed physician to make. I would do extensive research on it, though.

Many doctors have stated that MM use is safer than opiates. And I will have to agree with this statement, cause I’ve never heard of anyone dying from an overdose of marijuana. I have heard of overdoses when angel dust and similar substances are mixed in marijuana.  But not just the plant.

Why Do I Need to Research It?

Why do I need to research it, especially if my doctor says it’s ok? Because, as with anything you put into your body, you, not your doctor, but you have to be the one to decide if the benefits outweigh any of the risks.

Some articles I read say that many who use/use MM, moved on to other harder substances that were not legal or safe. I think that could be said about a lot of things. As a teenager, I remember adults saying that marijuana is a gateway drug. Growing up as a teen in those years, I firmly believe that it is alcohol that is the gateway drug. Again, only my opinion.

More Statistics

Amongst those figures I’ve already given, one study I found, states that about a third of those asked believes MM relieves pain. Then 38% said it probably does. Only 14% thought that MM helps to treat pain better than opioids. 48% also asked, and they said that opioids are a better treatment for pain than MM. And 38% were split medical marijuana and seniors, seniors thoughts on medical medical marijuana what conditions it's good for, marijuana, medical marijuana for seniorsbetween both.

One physician stated that the ‘geriatric population’ is his fastest-growing patient population. He has patients coming to him, asking to be taken off of opioids, and given a MM card, so that they can go to the dispensaries and pick up some MM. Another article I read said that MM is used in a lot of cases to wean patients from opioid addiction.

With statistics continually changing,  and more states start to legalize MM, about over two-thirds of the boomer population would consider asking their doctor about MM, if the need should ever arise.

Those Who Oppose It

I have worked on this article for close to 4 days. Real-life tends to get in the way of my research and writing. But I was unsuccessful at finding anything on the baby boomers that are not for MM. I know they’re out there. I ask of you,  please, especially if you are one of those individuals, to leave your comments relating MM in my comments below. I will be more than happy to add them to my story.

I know that this will be a story that will continue. As my dad says, “times are surely changing.” The few family members, aged 79 to 84, when I asked their opinion, either stated it was no their business to sat what medication one uses. To another, who was my father, to another than wrinkled up his nose, shook his head and groaned. One gal said if it helps them, then more power to them.

Please, Let Me Hear From You!

If not in the comments below, please email me your opinion on the use of medical marijuana. Should it be legalized? Would you use it, if needed?  Send me an email at And as always, thank you for stopping by!!

In case you’ve missed my statement at the top of this article, I would like to state again that I am not a doctor. Nor can I prescribe Medical Marijuana (MM). The information included in my article is information I obtained during my research. 

Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been. — Mark Twain

State by State Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

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