Change of Seasons

Many people love the change of seasons. They love to re-decorate for different seasons. They become excited, for ‘this’ season, is their favorite season. They enjoy shopping for a new season. Whether it be fashion or food, they love it. My youngest daughter loves the change in coffee flavors at Starbucks or McDonalds. When dining out, many enjoy the new seasonal menu items that come out in the change of seasons.

The change of seasons is not just weather-related anymore!

I find, the older I get, the more I ‘feel’ the change of seasons. Both physically and mentally. Do you feel the same way?


The experts say we may experience headaches during this time. More so in the Fall and Spring—because we change the clocks. The days become shorter. And with this, the sunlight decreases. And it can affect our sleep as well.  So much so,  where you may consider asking your doctor for help.

I, myself, take Melatonin, which usually nips that right in the bud. If you do decide to go a more natural herbal route, it’d be best to consult with your family doctor. To make sure that none of the medication you are currently taking will not be affected by adding a herbal or OTC remedy.

These headaches can occur several times a day. They are sometimes leading people to believe that their headaches are sinus related when they’re not.


changes in seasons, spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter, chores, over 50, 50 and overDo you know that our skincare needs change? Your skin changes, so why shouldn’t your skincare? I need more skincare in the winter. My psoriasis, winters, can sometimes become harsh for my skin condition. Causing my patches/plaques to become thick. I tend to need to moisturize more. Where in the summer, I still need to moisturize, but my psoriasis loves the sun. It will thin out and occasionally clear up. But with that being said, I need to be sure to wear SPF more so than during winter. I’m not usually outside as much as in the winter. I LOVE Spring & Summer—my favorite seasons!!

Our haircare changes, as well. In the summer, my hair tends to become oily. The sun makes me hot. Therefore I sweat, and my hair gets wet, and when it starts to dry, it becomes greasy. It also tends to get frizzy too, leading me to have to include a frizz product to my hair care regimen. But I’ll still take summer over winter, any day! My arthritis does not like the cold!! In the winter, my hair becomes dry and brittle. I feel this is the most damaging season for my hair depending on the severity of my hair. I may or may not change my hair care products. If it becomes noticeable, that’s when I do.

Sharing Some Ideaschanges in seasons, spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter, chores, over 50, 50 and over

Many people use the change of season to make minor changes around their homes. Not so much the decorating, but the bi-yearly or yearly chores that most of us need to do. And may not always remember to do.

I don’t do this so much now as I did when the girls were younger. I would wash, fold, and then store away the previous season’s clothes. As I’m sure, many of you still do. With us living between Indiana and Florida, I tend to pull out a couple of pairs of capris and one pair of jeans when in Florida.  Nine times out of ten, though, you’ll find me in a tank and shorts when we’re in Florida!

In the Spring and Fall, I change the battery in our smoke alarms. It’s also a great time to wipe them down and/or wash them off if you haven’t done so during the year.

All four changes in seasons are when my husband changes the air filter. I also use the change of 4 seasons as a reminder for me get special washing powder so that I can run it through my washer, and it cleans the tub.

Fall and Spring are when we can either put up or take out lawn furniture, water hose, etc. You want to unhook your water hose from the outside faucet, for the winter.  You’ll also want to either wrap up any outside pipes or turn the water off till spring.

changes in seasons, spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter, chores, over 50, 50 and overUse the Spring and Fall to clear your gutters out, if you own or rent a home. My husband also uses these seasons to check the condition of our roof.

I have neighbors that would use Spring to clean out their clothes/household items/garages/etc. Then they would have a garage sale. One family neighbor I know would add what money they would make from their garage sale to their vacation fund they’ve been saving all winter, to take the following year. It can be a bonus to bump your flight up to first-class! Or to get the honeymoon suite at the hotel you were planning to stay at. See where I’m going here?

I’ve read wherein the Spring/Fall or Summer/Winter is a good time to flip your mattress. I try to use all 4 seasons as a reminder to flip our mattress!! But honestly, if husband Tom is working out of town, a season might get skipped. As well as forgotten. You know those whole forgetting things? It tends to often happen here at home.

Spring/Fall clean all your throw rugs. And the carpets. Also, an excellent time to take down your curtains and wash or buy new ones. Clean those curtain rods too.

Spring/Fall wash all your window sills. Clean all your windows inside and out.

At the beginning of the Spring, usually, when it started to warm up, I used to go out and spray down the driveway and porch. But since becoming a member of the 50 and beyond club, it doesn’t seem as important for me to do. Therefore, I’ve not done this in a while. Oh well, right?

Many people I know use the Fall and the Spring to power wash their homes and/or RVs.

Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning are seasons many of us use to clean our home, basements and garages.

Spring and Fall, be sure to update your first aid kit, make sure all your supplies are replenished if you have more than one, i.e. boat, motorhome, car, cabin, etc. Be sure to include them all!

changes in seasons, spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter, chores, over 50, 50 and over

I used to use all 4 of the change of seasons to thoroughly clean out my purse if I had not been doing so already. Or my gym bag, beach bag, etc.

Check your fire extinguishers! I’d suggest 2 to 4 of the season changes.

Use the change of all four seasons to go around and check all your flashlights. Replace batteries in those that don’t work. Or those you know are old.

Spring and Fall are great and convenient times to get your pets checked out with their vets. It prepares them for those pesky summer fleas/ticks/heartworms. Fall too If you usually take your pet in once a year for a physical, choose a season, and do so each year! Don’t forget any vaccination boosters.

Spring and Fall de-clutter clothes that you no longer wear, those that no longer fit—preferably because they are too large for you, those that are damaged or stained. Donate your clothes. Yes, even the slightly damaged or stained ones. There may be someone out there that can properly mend clothing. Or may know exactly how to get out stubborn stains.

What Are Some of Your Ideas???

The above list can go on and on. These are just a few suggestions. Your list may be longer, or shorter.

What are some things that you do for yourself, or around your home, even for your family, during seasons change? You can share it with us all in the comments below. We would all love to hear new ideas!!!

You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old. — George Burns


10 thoughts on “Change of Seasons”

  1. i live in New Jersey and have always loved the season changes, still do but now at 60 + years it does get harder and harder. After two back surgeries the season changes are getting harder and harder. I love your information and reminders of certain things you need to keep up on in your home on a seasonal basis. Very helpful and informative site, thank you for that.

    • Hi Robert,
      I understand the physical aspect of the change od the seasons. I suffer from PsA, and because of that, we bought a home down in Florida. I don’t ache/hurt near as much in a warmer climate then I do in a cold one. Till retirement, we go down to FL when we can. Thanks for stopping by.
      Prayers for you with your back,

  2. Hi Laura,

    I used to live in the UK where they have British Summer Time and I used to become really depressed when the clocks went back at the and of October because I knew we were in for long, dark wet days 🙁

    Of course the opposite was true when the clocks went forward at the end of March.

    Living in Hong Kong now we don’t change our clocks for Winter/Summer time, which I’m not altogether sorry about..!



    • Hi Martin. I understand the feeling depressed once the clocks turned back. That happens to me sometimes. It’s interesting how other countries, do or do not mess with their clocks. When we first moved to Indiana, they didn’t change their clocks at all.
      Thanks for stopping by Martin,

  3. Hi Laura,
    I found your article to be very informative yet personal at the same time. Thank you for sharing. Even though I am not from your part of the world I now know what can be done should I choose to visit.
    Best wishes for the future

  4. This is a really nice article! I love the different seasons for different reasons;
    Spring for the excitement of a new year and new opportunities,
    Summer because…well, it’s summer!
    Autumn for the beautiful leaves and chilled out days (plus my birthday is more or less in Autumn)
    Winter for Christmas!

    • Hi Benji, thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the article. I’m more of a Spring and summer person. The cold and damp make these old bones hurt! LOL
      Hope you stop by again,


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