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Do you have a fur baby? Or do you have a couple of fur babies? In case you are wondering what fur babies are, they’re pets. I couldn’t imagine life without them. For me, they bring joy into my life. …

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healthy smoothies

Let me start with saying I think smoothies are great!  They are not only delicious but quick and easy to make.  And they are packed with all the nutrition that is beneficial for everyone, not just us boomers. As us …

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Elder Abuse

elder abuse definition, reporting elder abuse, elder abuse

Sadly elder abuse happens more than one would think. And it appears as though the numbers are rising instead of going down. It is unfortunate. Wikipedia describes ‘elder abuse’ as “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, …

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Over my many years, I have seen the medical industry/business/field explode!  Before my time,  folks bartered with their doctors to get treatment. Today we go to a different doctor for each ailment. It can get crazy! I don’t know about …

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Change of Seasons

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Many people love the change of seasons. They love to re-decorate for different seasons. They become excited, for ‘this’ season, is their favorite season. They enjoy shopping for a new season. Whether it be fashion or food, they love it. …

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It Can Be Daunting

It can be dauting, The Senior Life - 50 and Beyond

As we get older, it can seem difficult to deal with what can come with aging. Not to mention unsettling, intimidating, unnerving, frightening, discouraging, disheartening–I could go on and on. It can be daunting! And we have experienced it, at …

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