I debated writing this article about jokes. Then I remembered a past article I wrote, “The Best Medicine“. It focused on how laughter can often be the best medicine. What better way to get a dose or two, of that …

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The Best Medicine

The best medicine, laughter, over 50, laughing, humor, golden years

Whether you’ve been sick. Today’s the day the big wigs are coming for their quarterly visit. Your daughter is texting you because she’s having a horrible argument with her better half. You forgot to pick up your son at school.  Your …

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My AHA Moment

becoming positive, being positive, better way of thinking

Coming down with anything can be a setback in your day to day life. Having a psoriatic arthritis flare-up can be one of those sets backs. For me, my flares are major. But having one without any pain medicine, that …

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