Over my many years, I have seen the medical industry/business/field explode!  Before my time,  folks bartered with their doctors to get treatment. Today we go to a different doctor for each ailment. It can get crazy! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start takin back control of my healthcare. If I can find something, like  CBD oil for my inflammation and pain–then why shouldn’t I take it?  I’m not taking opioids anymore. And I’m not paying big money to these huge pharmaceutical companies. I’ve takin back control.  Are you ready to do the same?

I want to empower people with some basic knowledge of things that they can do to help ease their health issues.  I know people that use them both ways. Often when their medications stop working like they once did, they can add these following suggestions below, and it does help them.

Let me state to you that I am NOT a doctor. Nor am I claiming to be. I am just sharing information with you, my reader, that I have learned in hopes that’ll help you.  IF you decide to try any of the following suggestions, please mention it to your doctor first.  Always do that with anything you may add to your medicines/diet/supplements/etc.

Ways to Use Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has become very popular. And I found that certain scents help with specific health issues, and of course, I wanted to share this information with you. If you ever have a question, please, don’t hesitate, ask it in my comments section below, and if I can’t answer, I’ll try to find an answer for you.

How to use scented oils around your home:

Three most popular uses:

    1. Oil burner (using a tea light, and scented oil, about 5-8 drops, placing and then lighting tea light inside the oil burner.) This is how I use essential oils. *But I will try a few of the methods below.
    2. Essential Oil Diffuser – is useful for the inhalation of the oils.
    3. Skin – applying a drop or 2 onto the top of your skin. But be careful when considering this method, cause some oils aren’t so skin-friendly.

Other ways to use essential oils:

Add a drop of scented oil onto a light bulb. (Apply with a soaked cotton ball, then when you turn it on, the oil evaporates, scenting your room/home). I’d be afraid that the light bulb would explode. If you do give this a try, would you please let us know how it worked for you. Just a quick note in the comments below. And a big thank you as well. ❤

Add oil to baking soda to use as a carpet freshener. Some use it to clean their carpets; I haven’t. I’ve only used it like one would use Carpet Fresh. After adding 2-3 drops to a cup of baking soda, I let it sit overnight to dry before using it the next day.

Bath Bombs – my daughter uses these and is always telling me how I need to try it. I know she buys hers, but you can also make your own.

That same daughter puts a soak cotton ball, that had dried overnight, to ut in the vacuum bag.  OMG, does it work?  I love it!


UPDATED: on Saturday, 10/19/9 – I have the shingles and a bath with CBD bath salts, which does help with the pain. The same goes for my backaches.

*Cotton Balls are great to use in your car as an air freshener. By placing a few drops on a cotton ball, and then putting the cotton ball in your car vent, tada– a nice smelling car!

*Creating Your Own Air Freshener (adding 2-3 drops of oil into water (16 oz.), shake and spray–away from your eyes of course.)

Drawer Freshener – using the oil very sparingly, cause they can be potent. Add a drop of oil to any piece of clothing,  like a cut-up t-shirt, and place it in the bottom of your drawer, or the corner of your drawer. I use a fabric sheet. Once the fragrance is gone, then I’ll use a drop of oil.

Diffuse Necklace. I wouldn’t try this myself, but if you’re interested, you can actually buy a diffuser necklace, or you can make your own necklace. You can use a couple of drops for energy, anxiety, mood, or to relax. There are also bracelets to be used, just like the necklace. I’ll be listing below what fragrances are good for what, so please, continue reading.

`diffuser, health benefits, oil burner, recipes, bath salts, shower melts
diffuser, health benefits, oil burner, recipes, bath salts, shower melts

*Furnace filter – 3-5 drops of the oil onto your filter, and when the heat or air turns on, it’ll get circulated through your home. I like this idea. I will be coming back and updating this article when I have personally tried any of these methods. So that you can be more informed. I’d suggest making sure it is an oil that you like; otherwise, you’re going to be smelling a fragrance you may not be so hip on.

*Gel diffuser, like using a gel air fresher- you’ll find how to make one, as well as recipes here!.

Hands – by placing a drop of oil in your hands, rubbing them together and then cupping your hands over your mouth and nose to inhale.

Inhale directly from the bottle. Honestly, I don’t know if I would do this. I have smelled oils to see if I liked the scent, and well, let’s say that some can have a strong odor. I’ll leave this decision up to you. I did read, where inhaling an oil, gets faster results, from a particular fragrance. There is also an oil inhaler one you can buy and use. I’ve not tried this method.

Pet diffuser – that you can buy and hang from your dog’s collar. I wouldn’t try this one, only because I’d worry about my dog’s health. And what if he doesn’t like the scent you choose. LOL IF you give it a try, please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this page. I’d really appreciate it.

*Pillow – by placing a drop or 2 in the corner of your pillow, you can get oils that help you rest/relax/sleep and use them for a good night’s sleep. This one I will have to try. I don’t always sleep that well.

*Reed Diffuser – you can buy these as a kit. I have from Kohls before. They use them in their public restrooms, and it always smells so good. Their great for small rooms, not so great for big rooms/areas. You can also make your own. The link not only explains how to make your own but also provides you with recipes! DIY Reed Diffusers and Recipes

*Shoes (can place a drop to cover foot odor. Keep in mind that sometimes terrible foot order can be a sign of an infection/bacteria, and that scented oils will not treat the issue, but help cover the stink-only.)

*Shower Steamer/Shower melts – I’ve never heard of these, but I heard it can replace the bath bomb, in case you don’t take baths. I found another recipe where you can make your own, so click here to them check out.

*Toilet Paper Roll – applying a few drops on the cardboard tube inside the toilet paper roll. I’m going to give this one a try, for sure.

*Washcloth steamer, for a faster alternative, put 3-5 drops on your washcloth and place it on your shower floor. Usually in the corner, out of the direct spray of the showerhead. You want it to get a little wet, and it will give off the aroma and benefits of whatever essential oil your using.

* indicates that I will be trying that method sometime in the future. And as I stated above, once I have tried it, I will be updating this article. So you may want to bookmark this page for such updates. As well as access to links where you can make your own, or try the recipes.  And don’t forget to consult with your doctor.  Always!!!

Aromatherapy Scents & What Their Used For

Essential Oils come in many different scents/fragrances. Here I will list the scents/fragrances, and what they are known to help with. Mind you, none of these will cure anything but may lessen the severity. Also, keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you. And visa-versa.

Black Pepper – has been known to reduce cravings in individuals quitting smoking. The scent of black pepper affects the throat that smokers experience when smoking a cigarette — therefore helping with those cravings.

Clary Sage – is most useful for balancing one’s hormones. And can also help regulate estrogen levels. May help with circulation. A study done last year helped with fatigue, hot flashes, and moods, in perimenopausal women.

Eucalyptus – is another popular oil and is known as an anti-inflammatory that may help you with any congestion. The cooling sensation may also help with seasonal allergies. It is stopping those sniffles. May even help clear up any respiratory issues when used in a diffuser.  Aids in infection (a study shows, it can help clear up a lung infection in a patient that could no longer tolerate antibiotics.) It is excellent for sore muscles when used as a massage oil.

Ginger – helps with nausea. The smell of the oil helps. But so do Ginger candy and Ginger tea.

Grapefruit – a study has shown that it can reduce your appetite.

Lavender – is another popular oil. It may help with inflammation in the symptoms that appear during allergy season. Studies have shown that it can also help with PMS symptoms. Reduces stress. Eases the pain from cuts and scrapes. It has helped me to calm down and relax. It’s said to help with insomnia, to help with deep sleep. It also has been known to help migraines and headaches. Diffusing, lavender oil baths, or a drop on the skin is suggested for the above issues.

Lemon – may improve your energy, or may help you be more alert. Lemon can also help with congestion and with the clearing of sinuses. It’s best to diffuse it for lifting your mood. Studies have shown those with depression that sniffed lemon/citrus fragrance, have been known to be able to lower the dosage of anti-depressants they take. It balances out your hormones.

Orange – is another scent that may help with anxiety. Studies have shown adults taking a test that sniffed an orange, experienced less stress, if any at all.

Peppermint – is known to reduce inflammation.  And that can help with muscle pain. You may be able to breathe better if you use it in a diffuser or on your skin. It could help with IBS symptoms. Peppermint has also has been known to help with alertness and performance (sports). And could also help to stop tension headaches. Has been known to help with nausea, that many cancer patients suffer from, with their chemo/radiation treatments. Helpful for motion sickness. It has been warned that peppermint may cause heartburn. So, check with your doctor.

essential oils, diffusers,, rosemary, tea tree oil, orange, oils, lavendar, clary sage, lemon, grapefruit, peppermint, Eucalyptus, ginger,

Rosemary – has been known to help improve your concentration. As well as accuracy and speed when problem-solving. It may also help with your memory. I’ve read where it helps those suffering from Alopecia (hair loss). Applying the oil directly on to the scalp may help. Massaging may also stimulate hair growth.


Tea Tree Oil – may help with allergy symptoms. It is another anti-inflammatory. That can clear airways. It’s also good for fighting infections. Has even helped combat MRSR and Staph in a lab experiment. Tea Tree oil has been known to help dry out acne.  NOTE: I’ve read side effect warnings, that Tea Tree Oil may also trigger allergies. I’m not sure how you would find out if it would be ok for you to take. I would ask my doctor what to do.

Take note that many people make their blends of oils by mixing two or more fragrances.  Google it to find recipes; there are tons of them.

Many Different Makers of Essential Oils

Many different companies make essential oils.  Just like with anything else, you’ll find better quality in some brands then you may find in others. Essential Oils are not FDA regulated, so makers have no strict guidelines to follow when making their scented oils. Some may be stronger then others, as well as some may contain additives that aren’t good to inhale or apply on your skin.

Educate yourself, as with anything, and you’ll benefit from knowing more about the products that you want to buy for yourself and/or your family. The internet is a great place to start. I’ll research something, learn about it, then compare it to other similar products, and then when I’ve made my decision, I look for customer reviews. I won’t read customer reviews on said products, from their company’s website. Those can be faked by the company themselves. Or at least that’s how I see it.

Be careful when using essential oils in large amounts, because some can be toxic. They may need to be diluted with water/natural oil

Before trying any essential oil, it is best to discuss it with your doctor. As much as I complain about doctors, they have information that the salesperson may not. All the salesperson wants to do is make the sale. There are some out there that genuinely appears that they want to help you. But they are few and far between–and hard to tell apart, unfortunately.

Best Essential Oils Brands

I’ve done a lot of research on this, and then I would double-check, and even tripled checked, and below are the results in which I’ve come up with. I will list these companies/brands in alphabetical order, to not show any favoritism to any one brand. IF you know of a brand that I should include on this list, by all means, let me know below.

Aura Cacia

They are one of the most renowned brands on the market.
All of their oils are 100% pure.
Their rare oils are more expensive then the essential oils they carry.
They have been in business since the 1980s.
You can choose from their large selection of oils.


They assure you that their oils are 100% pure.
It is one of the most popular high-quality brand oils.
They currently have 50 oils in which to choose from.

Edens Garden

Their wide variety of oils have gone through a great deal of testing.
Besides their large selection of oils and blends, Edens Garden also carries a lot of kits. Such as ‘OK for Kids’ sets, roll- on sets, and travel kits.
Bottles of oil come in several sizes, up to 100 ml.
Sells DIY products

Mountain Rose Herbs

Their oils are organic. And some are even USDA certified.
They’ve also won some awards for their oils.
They offer a wide variety of oils and blends.
Also, they offer Mountain Rose teas, spices, herbs, bath & body products, and more.
They have DIY supplies too.
Some of their rare oils are understandably a bit more expensive. Oils are steam distilled.

Plant Therapy 

They’re high quality, undiluted oils. They aren’t quite as potent as saying as do TERRA, or Young Living is, Yet they are still a pretty high-quality oil.
Some of their products are USDA certified, but not all of them.
They have a wide variety of oils, as well as roll-ons. And ‘KidSafe’ products.

Radha Beauty

As well as their essential oils, they also carry a wide selection of skincare products.
They pride themselves on their ‘exceptional’ customer reviews.’
And they also have a wholesale program for businesses.

Rocky Mountain Oils

Offer products that are 100% pure and have undergone testing for quality assurance.
They have a 90-day customer guarantee.
They have a Loyalty Rewards program, where points are earned for future purchases.

Young Living

They are the highest quality oils around. Their oils go through an extreme purity testing process.
Oils are distilled here in the United States.
They have been in business longer than most other companies. And offering 100 oils, and as many blends.

Share Your Experience

If you have tried any of the above oils and it has helped you, we all would love to your experiences using it. Or if you have tried any other essential oils I have not listed, please let me know the name of the oil, what you took it for, how it has helped you, and include how it is you used that oil. I would love to add your comment to my list. I would appreciate it as well as our readers. Just drop your experience, suggestion, or question in the comment section below. I answer site comments, usually a couple of times a day, I will get back to you!

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6 thoughts on “Aromatherapy”

  1. We have recently begun using Essential Oils. We have a diffuser and enjoy lavender in the evening helping us relax and get ready for bed.

    I used to never use Essential Oils because the smells made me get such a headache. Apparently I “grew” out of that and now can tolerate and even enjoy several of the scents.

    I wouldn’t try the application of a scent to a lightbulb, either! Seems like that could be a dangerous practice! Besides, the diffuser makes such a pleasant, even smell!

    The relaxing bath salts are amazing. We create our own and have even tried to make some of our own bath bombs! We also use a drop of lavender on my granddaughters pillow to help her sleep at night.

    There are a lot of really interesting ideas and I may try a few of them! Thanks for sharing!

    We actually began using the oils this past summer for the purpose of lice prevention. Lice was going around school in the spring and we wanted to make sure we didn’t have to deal with it at home. It has worked wonders and we have given out several bottles of our lice preventions spray because we want everyone to know this stuff is working!

    We use the Young Living Essential Oils because we found them to be the best for our needs. They are also the purest we have found.

    Thank you for sharing you ideas! We are going to try a few of them!

    • Oh wow Karin, I could’ve used that lice prevention years ago when our girls were in school.  I just may have to do an article, where readers can send in their tips and recipes.  That is just too cool.  

      The elementary school here, every new year they get kids showing up with Lice.  I remember it even spread to Girls Inc, where our middle daughter brought it home and shared with us all.

      I learned a lot about Essential Oils by writing this article.  I will be doing more research into it.  Especially the recipes.

      I’m planning on trying the DIY essential oils tricks.  Salts, bomb, and melts, specifically.  Glad you liked that info as well.  I’m always willing to share.

      Thanks for stopping by.  And thank you for your info as well,


  2. I came across your website as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    You have spent considerable time writing this post and explaining everything.

    I am 55 now and have never used any form of aromatherapy ever in my life. As my body demands more love and care, it is something that I should start to consider.

    I am a very healthy person generally, but have suffered from lower back pain most of my life.

    What would you recommend to sooth those aching joints?

    Is there a ‘best’ way to use? Is the oil burner more effective for example that skin drops?

    Would love to know the best ways!

    Thanks so much!


    • Hi Tim,

      I so understand needing more TLC–I turned 57 in August.

      Could you go for a message?  Or maybe someone can give you one, have them use eucalyptus oil.  I heard it really helps when used that way.

      As for which ways to use oils?  I think it’s all to preference.  Some to what oil it is you’re using and for what.  I prefer burning the oil in an oil burner myself.  But after writing this article, I will be trying a few new ways.

      AND I’ll be updating after trying those other methods to share with everyone!!  So, be sure to bookmark this page and come back soon, Tim!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hello,

    I have always been interested in essential oils but need to learn more about them. I know I prefer the citrus oils and the evergreen scents like pine, cedar and spruce. I learned recently that in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition some oils are considered heating and some cooling. I need cooling since I have inflammation and actually use ice packs all the time. I have one on my ankle right now as I write this! I found a blend of the cooling oils recently and I LOVE the smell. It includes rose which I always liked! It is nice that the scents that I like are good for me! I need to see how the citrus and evergreen scents fit into this puzzle. 

    it is interesting how many uses there are for these oils. There is definitely a lot to learn. You have covered some really innovative ways to use oils here that I never would have thought of! Some of these are so easy, there is no reason everyone shouldn’t give them a try whether for relaxation, making your house smell good or for health reasons. 

    • Hi,

      I agree with your about why aren’t more people trying these.  I think a lot of it is we’re programmed to go see a doctor for every little thing.  I’ve learned A LOT just researching so I could write this.  I could’ve went on and on, but I didn’t want a novel, LOL  There’s still so much more for me to learn.

      You mention inflammation.  I too have a lot of inflammation, due to having PsA.  About a year ago, it had gone beyond ridiculous on trying to get my pain scripts filled, that I got online and did mega research.  I learned what supplements help with inflammation.  If you can cut the inflammation down, you can control your pain as well.  I take Fish oil 3000 once a day, Vitamin D 5000 I believe that’s the number.  And because about 90% of our inflammation comes from the gut I take a probiotic CFU 40 billion.  And I do also take CBD oil as well.  I’ve not taken any opioids since a year ago this month.  I don’t know if any of this will help you, but please feel free to read  my article “Hear are the Basic Facts of CBD Oil” —

      Always willing to help anyone out.  If need be drop me an email as well

      Best of wishes to you,  and thank you for stopping by,


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