A Housewife’s, and a Mother’s Honest Review on Wealthy Affiliate – Scam or Legi

Wealthy Affiliate

My cost: Free Starter Membership (7 Days) Then went Premium membership, monthly. This past Black Friday went yearly locking in the Black Friday yearly price.

I purchased my membership at Wealthy Affiliate


Why was I looking for a job, where I could work from home? In August 2015, I learned that my father’s niece, my cousin, who took my father in, when I wound up in the hospital due to MRSR, pneumonia and a collapsed lung, was stealing his money he earned with Coast Guard pension, plus 2 other pensions. To make this short, she stole over $68,000+ from my father. Once we were able to get her claws out of my father, I brought him home to live with us. I had lost my job, due to my decision.

During the following ten months, my health declined drastically, and it became extremely difficult for me to take care of my dad. He decided to go into Assisted Living in Spring of 2016.

I was unable to work a full-time job, and finding a part-time job, that would be a fit for my disabilities was proving to be very difficult to find. During this time, I was searching for jobs using the Indeed app, I had jobs coming up to work from home. That’s when I got the idea and started looking for a job that allowed me to work from home. That search took me over a year.

Eventually, I took my search on the internet, I found many opportunities, to work from home. Many offered to make me rich, and all they needed from me, was a minimal fee of $400, $500, $800, $1,000 and even $2,000. I was unable to afford to pay even $400, let alone $2000. I also found many scams online.  So many claimed to make you rich, and some overnight.  Keep in mind, that there is no such thing as a get rich quick because if there really was, wouldn’t everybody be doing it??


Fast Forward

Let me introduce myself, I am Laura C. Endahl, my husband (who I’ve been happily married to for 31 years, together for 34 years), and friends call me Chrissie. Last July 2018, I came across a link to Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to see where that link took me to. Once I read what they claimed to offer, the next step I took was to find customer reviews, on Wealthy Affiliate. I started researching them extensively online. From all my past research, for ‘work from home’ jobs, I became fairly knowledgeable and I knew what I was looking for, and what I was not looking for.

Wealthy Affiliate offered a free starter membership, 7 days, that allows you the same access to what Premium members are privileged to. I did not need to give them a credit card or debit card number in advance, sign up, or fill out any form asking for my personal information. All I needed to do to obtain this free membership, was an email address, so I gave my old work Gmail account email.


What Exactly Am I Getting For Free?

This is what was Wealthy Affiliate promised me with my free starter membership, and might I add, they did exactly what they promised. As you will too.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. Free, 10 step by step video training lessons.

The learning and benefits you get from these 10 free lessons are:

► Learn how to immediately get involved in the awesome community here at Wealthy Affiliate

► Create and start working towards a listing new financial and non-financial goals

► Choose your starting point NICHE (topic/product/etc.) for your business

► Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress

► Quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists

► Discover the process of earning revenue online (while working from your home or wherever you choose)

► Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches

► Build your very OWN niche website (you will build your website in less than a minute)

► A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly

► Understanding the keyword research process

Besides the above 10 step by step learning/training videos, you will have free access to live coaching – (webinar). Live chat, where if you get stuck in your training, you can go in and ask questions, that will almost immediately get answered. Even more step by step training offered by some of the 1,400,000+ Wealthy Affiliate members. You can build 2 free websites. Have your own Wealthy Affiliate free email. Your own Wealthy Affiliate blog, where you can post your experiences as well as asking the Wealthy Affiliate community members, questions, and get answers/support, 24 hours s day, 365 days a year! You can’t even get that type of support in any Ivy League colleges!!

WAIT, you get more! You also get Bootcamp training, Phase 1, which includes another 10 lessons-free!

The learning and benefits you receive from this training include:

► Understand the WA Affiliate Program Opportunity

► Learn How You Can Meet Us in Vegas  (an ALL expense paid trip to Las Vegas, to celebrate with other members, your online success, etc.)

► Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain

► How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals

► How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn

► Creating a Massively Successful WA Affiliate Campaign


This is Wealthy Affiliate

Just what is Wealthy Affiliate?? It is an online business university (academy/training) launched in 2005 with more than 1,400,000 members today, sharing experiences and helping each other succeed. It specializes in the affiliate marketing model of passive income. It is a combination of training, software, and website hosting all in one package. A one-stop shop destination for people looking to get into affiliate marketing, or to be able to work from home, or looking to begin an online business. Affiliate Marketing is such a positive draw because you do not have to actually manufacture or store the product items you chose to promote.

Within the community, you will learn of the many other ways in which you can earn money with your website. It is truly limitless.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is one of a kind. Currently, that I know of, there is no other platform out on the internet, that offers you what Wealthy Affiliate offers.


It Works for Me

► A Starter Membership that is totally free. You get Premium Membership, free for 7 days. Including everything, I’ve listed above. And probably more that I’m forgetting.

► Expert one on one training. With weekly webinars, that actually teach you and engage you.

► 24/7 support. 365 days.

► I get to work from my home. In fact, anywhere I want to work from, as long as I have my laptop and a WiFi connection. (even if I have no internet, I can still write my articles in Word!)

► Learn at your own pace. Work around your schedule, and no one else’s!

► I’ve learned the basics, which has enabled me to build a foundation for my website and my online business.

► A very helpful community that is full of entrepreneurs who are doing exactly what you are doing, wanting the same bottom line as yourself, success and money! I get to spend more time with my family.

► I have created quite a few friendships.  With people that are knowledgeable, positive, driven and eager to see you succeed.

► The ability to network with those entrepreneurs as well as 1,400,000 other WA members. (who best to learn from, then those who are succeeding themselves?)

► I am actually making money!! And it’s only the start!! Am I rich? No, but I am seeing income, coming in, so this IS working!! And it can and will work for you! It won’t happen overnight. It all depends on you.

► The learning is the best around and is extremely easy to do with the step by step training.  Everything you need is in one place.  You’ll find yourself driven to learn everything you can.  In fact a few lessons I watched again, walking away with knowledge I did not catch, the first time I watched it.

► I have direct contact with the owners/CEOs of the company. They, too, will answer any question you may have. They are dedicated to making us successful. They can be found in chat, often.

► The owners are always working on the Wealthy Affiliate platform to keep it up to date, and top notch.

► The best website platform, with no additional fees.  and no need to pay more to get faster or more bandwidth. It’s all included. The training alone is worth the money. Not to mention the state-of-the-art tools to build an awesome website, in about 30 seconds.

► I can get answers to my questions, live chat, one on one mentor training, other members, or post it in the community.

► I have had a few members take me under there wing to show me exactly how to do something. Even remote access help with one member, who found the problem and walked me through fixing it.

► No software to download. It’s a platform, with all the tools you need to build your business, in one place!

► ► I could go on and on and on…but you just got to see it for yourself.



Try it Out for 7 days-FREE

Believe me, when I tell you, this is not a scam.

Dedicate yourself. Follow the training, step by step, do the tasks, for 7 days.  Seeing is believing.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take commitment and time, on your part. Apply yourself and learn to make a passive income for yourself and/or your family!

Are You Ready to Make 2019 YOUR Year??

I know I’m ready!





12 thoughts on “A Housewife’s, and a Mother’s Honest Review on Wealthy Affiliate – Scam or Legi”

  1. Wealthy affiliate seems to be a pretty good education business to do working on online at home.

    I think if someone who cannot work due to illness  can learn  how to build a business then this is brilliant! 

    How long would it take to build a website and learn how to generate money from it? 

    • Hi Darren,

      You’ll have your site built within the first few lessons.  As for the money. as I stated it is not a get rick quick scheme.  A lot of work, dedication, and determination are needed if you want to earn.  

      Because I am disabled, and I’m stuck being home, I’m able to dedicate 12 to 14 hours a day 6 to 7 days a week.  I’ve been at this since July 23, 2018.  I started making money last November.  So this system def does work.  But YOU have to work it too!

      Give the 7 day free tria a try and then decide for yourself.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for your inspiring and informative post about Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been looking at this program for some months but have been unable to pull the trigger to do it.  Like you, I have health issues, so making money from home is really attractive to me. I have read from various other sources that Wealthy Affiliate is legit but I really liked how you outline step by step what it takes to be successful and what you need to learn and what you will learn with the Wealthy Affiliate Program. I also really like that the starter program is ALWAYS  free and they offer a free trial Premium membership so you can try it and see if its something you can do before investing money and committing. I think I am getting closer to taking the plunge and your article has really helped to clarify a lot for me.  Thanks so much.

    • You are so welcome.  Ans they just implemented a 6 month membership.  So check that out when you’re doing your free membership!

      Thanks for stopping by and the very best to you,

  3. I think that this review is great and I know that it will help a lot of mothers and young girls to start their own online business. I have a girl and I would like her to start with Wealthy Affiliate as it definitely the best platform online for earning passive income.                  

    • Hi Daniel,

      I agree, the best platform.  I have 3 daughters and I’ve approached all 3.  I think their waiting to see how well I do first.

      It’s happening…slowly!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Glad to come across this review. I know there are many women out there who are looking to make money online, but always find it difficult in terms of training cost and also familiarizing themselves with the web jargons. Mine was a rough start and I ended up loosing $600 to a scam. And they wanted $2000 more to join the ‘inner circle’ and such. What a crap?! 

    Just like you, I also found Wealthy Affiliate after much research and have been part of the growing community for 4 years now. And yes, I am already making money. Just want you guys to know that the training works, but it will take time and a lot of perseverance. 

    • Oh Cathy, that’s great that you are making money.  I think that’s what makes WA even more precious to me.  Ater I went monthly, I kept waiting and waiting for more  money to reach this level of training, and etc.  Blue Hosting gave me a horrible package, where my bandwidth exceeded just updating my blog.  They were CONSTANTLY trying to upsell me. Finally I told them to give me back my money.  Thank goodness for a 14 day trial!

      I have plenty of time, thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hello Laura,

    Excellent opinion that you give about Wealthy Affiliate, platform that I am also using as a member for years.

    I find it very interesting for all those people who know that they can start working for free for 7 days. 

    Take the opportunity to take the first training course to learn more about the quality of your training.

    If you find it interesting WA you can take advantage of an excellent offer that will be presented for 30 more days.

    Thank you very much for sharing. Claudio

    • Hello Claudio,

      How long have you beeen with WA?  It’s people, like yourself, that are still here, convinces me even more that within time anyone can make it.

      Thank you for stopping by and the best for you in 2019,

  6. Hello Laura,

    Thank you for sharing your story on how you got started with Wealthy Affiliate! We all have a story that lead us to where we are today. I’m sorry your family had to go through that. I am going through something similar with my mom and her current boyfriend, that she doesn’t quite know how to leave. We suspect he has been using her money and already convinced her to sell our family house to fund their new one. 

    My mom recently needed surgery on her hip which will require more funds to pay for the medical bills plus rehab expenses. I am currently working on a new affiliate marketing website to promote some new platforms I’m apart of while raising ad money with an ecommerce store on the side. I’ve learned to diversify my income streams so that your eggs aren’t all in one basket.

    The beauty of this platform is all of the mentors that you get within this community, who are available to answer your questions and have the same goals that you have. We are all here to achieve personal branding success and create content that will help others solve their problems. You have provided an amazing amount of reasons why Wealthy Affiliate has helped you build your own online business.

    Thank you for sharing your story and wish you even more success in 2019!

  7. Hi Daniel,

    It’s so sad how people will do others. I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with something similar. It’s not easy, especially when your loved one either doesn’t see what you see. In my father’s case, he was afraid of my cousin and her partner. He’s now able to take care of his own finances, which he hasn’t been allowed to do for a long while.

    On a brighter note, yes WA is great. I am so happy I came upon them when I did.

    The very best to you in 2019!


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