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Do you have a fur baby? Or do you have a couple of fur babies? In case you are wondering what fur babies are, they’re pets. I couldn’t imagine life without them. For me, they bring joy into my life. Now that our kids are grown, and on their own, I just had to have […]

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Hairstyles for Women 50 and Over. And Hair Care Tips

I believe I am stuck in my mom’s generation. Where most of those I knew, who were ‘old,’ wore their hair short. So in my mind, when us boomers turned 50, the hairs suppose to go short.  Nope, not the case. I’ve always hated short hair. Think it’s all the pixie cuts I was made […]

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My Collection of Summer Recipe Websites

With so much going on during the summer, and thus more, fun activities to fit into your already busy schedule, who has time to spend in a hot kitchen? Right?? If you’d like for me to add your easy summer recipes, either leave them in the comments section or email them to LCEndahl@takinbackcontrol.com To Begin […]

Enjoying the second half of life

Our Aging Parents – (A Healthcare Nightmare Story)

I got the awful call at 11:40 am, Sunday morning, February 24th. My father had just been found, unconscious in his room.  The details were all over the board.  Spring Oaks said one thing, ER said another, and then ICU another.  I went with what ICU noted, what was wrong with dad.  He had a […]

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Let me start with saying I think smoothies are great!  They are not only delicious but quick and easy to make.  And they are packed with all the nutrition that is beneficial for everyone, not just us boomers. As us baby boomers/seniors,  get older, we tend not to eat as well as we should, and […]

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Elder Abuse

Sadly elder abuse happens more than one would think. And it appears as though the numbers are rising instead of going down. It is unfortunate. Wikipedia describes ‘elder abuse’ as “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or […]

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Could Medical Marijuana be for You?

I would like to start my article by stating that I am not a doctor. Nor can I prescribe Medical Marijuana, (MM).  The information below is information I found during my research on the subject of medical marijuana.  Please keep that in mind when you are reading my article below Could medicinal marijuana be for […]

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What Are Your Goals for 2019

Did you set goals for the new year? I wanted to but couldn’t start. Like I didn’t know where to begin. In the type of work, I do, it is essential to have goals. Gives me something to work towards, but it was like, I didn’t know where to begin.  I was making it harder than […]

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Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from Migraines. And most of those are women. The most primary types are those that have an aura (often a more severe migraine), and those that do not have an aura, (a more common migraine). I suffer from epilepsy and often times experience an aura myself. An aura for a migraine […]

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Melania Trump, The First Lady

I was out and about yesterday, I had a doctors’ appointment. I heard on the radio how Melania Trump, is the first, First Lady that wasn’t plastered on the front covers of a bunch of magazines for the holidays. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. But figured I’d like to know a […]

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Baby Boomers and Technology

From those I know personally, they either avoid technology at all costs or are very comfortable with it. Baby boomers have to get a basic knowledge because a lot of everyday life includes having to know some basics about technology. A couple of weeks ago I had to go to the Social Security office, and […]

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Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I’m not! We’re not! I know this article is really late, my apologies. A few family issues have put us all in a BAH HUMBUG mood. It’s time to snap out of it though. Our next 6 weeks are going to be extremely busy. And I’ve yet to even begin […]


Supplement Your Income or Start Your Own Business Today!

I am Learning to Earn, Working from My Home Take a few moments of your  time and please read the story that follows: I work from my own home. For that matter anywhere I can connect to WiFi, I can work. When working at home, I can wear whatever I want. Even my pj’s if […]


It is a Choice

I have always been a negative person. If it could break, I’d break it. You can’t spill it?? I’ll spill it. New top, I’d rip it or stain it.  You name it, it was that sort of thing. If it was bad it would happen to me. I even used to tell my husband if […]